Copenhagen police raid gang leaders as residents march against violence

Copenhagen police have raided several leading members of an underground crime-linked organisation in response to a protracted period of gang-related shootings in the city.

Copenhagen police raid gang leaders as residents march against violence
Photo: Mathias Øgendal/Scanpix

The raids took place at nine addresses in Copenhagen during Tuesday morning, police confirmed in a press statement.

Most of the raids were located in the Nørrebro neighbourhood, according to the statement.

An underground crime-connected gang known as ‘Loyal to Famila’ (LTF) has been linked to over 20 shootings in the neighbourhood since June, with similar violent incidents in second city Aarhus also linked to the group.

A power struggle between the group and another gang located in the Mjølnerparken and Nørrebro neighbourhoods is reported to be the cause of the persistent shooting incidents.

No fatalities have so far been reported from any of the shootings.

Police now hope to find evidence for the roles played by leading LTF members, thereby connecting them to the many shootings and other violent incidents.

“It is the first priority of Copenhagen Police to see that those responsible are held to account for their actions. These raids can be considered one aspect of the investigative effort,” said Chief Police Inspector Jørgen Bergen Skov.

Meanwhile, hundreds of residents took to Nørrebro’s streets on Monday to protest against the area’s ongoing destabilisation by the gangs.

Hundreds of residents gathered at the Blågårds Plads square on Monday evening before marching along the Nørrebrogade main thoroughfare to the Red Square – where one of the recent shootings took place – to show their solidarity against the crime wave and call for political action.

“Politicians don’t listen. They shout and they talk, but do nothing. We’re the ones living here and it is not pleasant,” a Nørrebro resident told broadcaster DR.

Nørrebro residents carry a banner reading “We must be able to live together in peace” during a demonstration against ongoing gang violence in the neighbourhood. Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Scanpix

After a shooting on Sunday night, a 39-year-old man not thought to be connected to the gangs was taken to hospital and was reported on Monday afternoon to be in critical condition.

Last week, a bullet entered a resident’s apartment, going through the balcony and into the sofa.

Shots were fired on six consecutive nights prior to Monday’s demonstration.

“They’re now shooting innocent people, and there’s one person about to die. It simply must stop,” Henrik Norlander Schmidt, who was also taking part in the demonstration, told DR.

“We’re not moving, they’re the ones that will move,” he added.

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