Copenhagen police close off neighbourhood after new shooting

Police in Copenhagen temporarily closed off a section of the Nørrebro neighbourhood after a shooting during the early hours of Thursday.

Copenhagen police close off neighbourhood after new shooting
Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Scanpix

A 26-year-old man has been arrested following the shooting, which resulted in two bystanders being hit, police confirmed in a press briefing on Thursday morning.

A Danish man and a Swedish woman were hit by shots fired during the incident. A third man was also shot at but not hit, Police Inspector Poul Kjeldsen said according to Politiken.

The arrested 26-year-old is connected to Copenhagen’s organised crime network, police confirmed.

The incident was confirmed by Copenhagen Police via a message posted on Twitter just before 8am on Thursday.

Police were in the area at the time of the shooting and pursued the gunman on foot before firing warning shots and arresting the 26-year-old, reports Politiken. No shots were fired at police.

“They chose a time and place, but even though police were present, they chose to fire shots,” Poulsen said at the press conference.

“We want to send the signal to the gangs that they should think twice. This kind of thing costs several years in prison. That is our signal to them: ‘We are coming for you’,” the inspector said at the press briefing.

The area was temporarily closed while forensic examination was conducted.

Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Scanpix

The closed-off area included the Red Square (Den Røde Plads), and the Krogerupgade, Hillerødgade, and Ole Jørgensens Gade streets along with a number of side streets, police wrote on Twitter.

Persistent shooting incidents linked to organised crime gangs plagued the Nørrebro and Mjølnerparken areas of Copenhagen throughout the summer.

A power struggle between a gang known as ‘Loyal to Familia’ and another gang located in the Mjølnerparken and Nørrebro neighbourhoods is reported to be the cause of the persistent shooting incidents.

No fatalities were reported from any of the summer shootings, which number into the mid-twenties.

In July, police set up stop-and-search zones in the city in a bid to curb the violence. 

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