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How foreign citizens can get a booster Covid-19 jab in Denmark

Whether you have a Danish personal registration (CPR) number or not, here's how to get a Covid-19 booster shot in Denmark — region by region.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise just in time for the holidays, it’s vaccination season again in Denmark.
With COVID-19 cases on the rise just in time for the holidays, it’s vaccination season again in Denmark. Photo by Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix.

As of November 25th, everyone aged 18 and over who completed their course of vaccination over six months ago is eligible for a booster dose. 

You can access the country’s booster vaccination programme both with and without the personal registration (CPR) number issued to residents, depending on the various conditions detailed below.

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If you have a CPR number

If you’re already part of Denmark’s national health scheme and have a CPR number and a digital ID (NemID or MitID), you’ll receive an invitation for your booster shot appointment via Denmark’s secure digital mail system, accessible on the eBoks and platforms.

The Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen) confirmed to The Local that these invitations will be extended as soon as six months have elapsed from your second dose.

It’s not immediately clear whether certain age brackets will be invited before others. A doctor at a Hillerød vaccination site told The Local that invitations would be extended by age, working down from the 65-and-older group that has been eligible for a while.

This would reflect the original Covid-19 vaccination programme in Denmark, in which priority groups were organised with age being one of the key factors. The Danish Health Authority did not specifically confirm whether booster invitations will be stratified by age moving forward. 

If you don’t have a CPR number

While being CPR-less in Denmark is normally a logistical nightmare, it may mean you get a booster shot sooner, at least if you live in the Greater Copenhagen (Hovedstaden) region. To qualify, you must have completed a course of vaccination more than 6 months ago, have been in Denmark for at least 14 days and expect to remain for a total of at least 30, and the primary purpose of your stay in Denmark can’t be to get a vaccine. 

Since the systems to make vaccine appointments can’t be accessed by people without a CPR or NemID, the five different health authority regions have set up alternative processes.

  • Greater Copenhagen: In the capital region, you can just stride right into any vaccination centre, no appointment required, and get your jab. Just remember to bring photo ID (passport is probably best) and proof of prior vaccination.
  • Zealand: Zealand residents without a CPR can call 70 20 42 33 to make an appointment for their booster shot. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8:30-10am.
  • Southern Denmark: People looking for a booster in Southern Denmark are asked to call 99 44 07 17. (As of December 1st, wait times at this number are quite long).
  • Central Jutland: In Central Jutland, people without a CPR number need to fill out this form. You’ll get a callback to set up your appointment within five working days, between the hours of 8am and 4pm, according to the regional authority’s website.
  • Northern Jutland: Call the North Jutland Covid-19 hotline for people without a CPR number at 97 64 85 05, open weekdays at 1pm-3pm.

Do I get a QR code? 

Theoretically, according to the Danish Health Authority website, the staff at the clinic should be able to enter your booster vaccine information into the Danish system and provide you with a WHO international travel vaccination card, complete with scannable QR code.

However, when this was tried at the vaccination site in Hillerød on November 29th it was not possible, despite the site doctor’s best efforts. Instead, they added the date, make, and batch number of the booster shot in question to an American-issued proof of vaccination card.

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Denmark suspends national Covid-19 vaccination programme

Denmark, which in February lifted all curbs related to the coronavirus pandemic, said on Tuesday it was suspending its general Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Denmark suspends national Covid-19 vaccination programme

Noting that the epidemic was under control and that vaccination levels were high, the Danish Health Authority said the country was in a “good position.”

“Therefore we are winding down the mass vaccination program against Covid-19,” said Bolette Søborg, director of the authority’s department of infectious diseases.

Around 81 percent of Denmark’s 5.8 million inhabitants have received two doses of the vaccine and 61.6 percent have also received a booster.

Denmark noted a drop in the number of new infections and stable hospitalisation rates.

While invitations for vaccinations would no longer be issued after May 15th, health officials anticipate that vaccinations would resume after the summer.

“We plan to reopen the vaccination programme in the autumn. This will be preceded by a thorough professional assessment of who and when to vaccinate and with which vaccines,” Søborg said.

As a wave of the Omicron variant hit the country last November, Denmark intensified its immunisation campaign, accelerating access to booster shots and offering a fourth dose from mid-January to the most vulnerable.

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