Seven arrested after escalation in Copenhagen gang violence

Seven arrested after escalation in Copenhagen gang violence
The scene of a shooting in Nørrebro on September 19th. Photo: Bax Lindhardt/Ritzau Scanpix
Copenhagen Police arrested seven people in a coordinated action on Sunday, in reaction to an escalation in gang violence in the city.

The seven people who were arrested Sunday are suspected of being involved in a violent assault connected to a new gang conflict. The conflict was also cited as being behind shootings in the Nørrebro area last week. The seven were remanded in custody for 24 days following preliminary court proceedings on Monday.

The assault took place in a hairdresser’s salon in Nørrebro on September 16th, according to Ekstra Bladet’s report of the court hearing.

The victim was punched and kicked and blunt and sharp weapons were also used in the incident, according to the report.

All seven suspects denied the charges.

Police have previously stated shooting incidents in Copenhagen last week were connected to an internal split within an organised crime gang.

The group in question is known as ‘Brothas’ and is linked to the Mjølnerparken housing area in Nørrebro, Ritzau reports.

A further shooting occurred on Saturday in Ishøj to the southwest of Copenhagen, in which shots were fired at a group of people. Nobody was hurt.

On Friday, three people including two passers-by were injured by shots fired on the Meinungsgade street in Nørrebro.

Those incidents followed two other shootings earlier last week, which resulted in one injury.

Police in parts of Copenhagen as well as in Ishøj have since put in place stop-and-search zones. The ordinance zones allow police to stop anyone within a predetermined area and search them for weapons without having probable cause.

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