Abandoned baby’s ethnicity ‘difficult to ascertain’: police

Copenhagen police have made a statement over the possible ethnic characteristics of a newborn baby girl who was found abandoned on a bench near a Copenhagen park earlier this week.

Abandoned baby's ethnicity 'difficult to ascertain': police
An image of a light estate car police believe may be connected to their inquiries. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Politifoto

Police said they were initially informed the baby had features of black ethnicity, but that has now been retracted.

“After closer examination of the child now that its condition is not life-threatening, we are now reporting that health authorities cannot confirm the child’s ethnic features,” Copenhagen Police wrote in a press statement.

Police said it was important to avoid misunderstandings regarding the baby's ethnicity, since errors could discourage witnesses from coming forward.

“The little girl may also have Middle Eastern or Asian characteristics, since this can be difficult to ascertain in a newborn baby,” Friday afternoon’s statement reads.

Police also released an image of a light estate car they believe may be connected to their inquiries.

The car drove along the Parkstien road near Valby Park, where the infant was found, and then back the same way shortly before 7am on Tuesday.

“It is important to stress that we cannot confirm the car has anything to do with the abandoned baby, but we want to talk to the driver of the car, since that person may be an important witness,” investigation leader Brian Belling said in the press statement.

The little girl was found at 8:41am on Tuesday by a municipal employee.

Initially described as critical, the infant's condition was later that day reported as stable.

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