Supermarket thieves escape Danish police after cross-country chase

Patrols from three different Danish police regions pursued almost halfway across the country a car in which suspected supermarket thieves were travelling.

Supermarket thieves escape Danish police after cross-country chase
File photo: Jens Dresling/Polfoto/Ritzau

Between 1:52am and 3:03am on Friday, police in western Denmark were alerted to break-ins at branches of the Fakta supermarket in the towns of Skjern, Nedre Nebel, Varde and Holsted, reports TV Syd.

“We have video from the security system at the Skjern store that shows several people breaking through one of the doors of the Fakta store and stealing money from the cash registers,” duty officer Lars Even of Mid and West Jutland Police told TV Syd.

Following the Skjern heist, an alarm was set off at 2:17am at the Nedre Nebel branch, followed by Varde at 2:35am and finally Holsted at 3:03 am.

Shortly after that, a South Jutland Police patrol made contact with a large black car close to a Fakta store in the town of Vejen.

“The black private car fled and headed towards the motorway, where we pursued it eastwards at high speed. We alarmed South East Jutland Police, who also dispatched cars and took over pursuit with the course headed towards the Little Belt Bridge [connecting Jutland with the island of Funen, ed.]. On the other side of the bridge, Funen Police were ready and continued the chase. But the getaway car increased its speed and escaped somewhere on the Funen motorway, with police cars unable to keep up,” South Jutland Police duty officer Nikolaj Holmkjær told TV Syd on Friday morning.

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Sir Ben Kingsley lookalike steals fur coat from exclusive Danish boutique

A fur coat boutique on Copenhagen’s upmarket Strandvejen fell victim on Thursday to a thief bearing a resemblance to Shakespearian actor Sir Ben Kingsley.

Sir Ben Kingsley lookalike steals fur coat from exclusive Danish boutique
Sir Ben Kingsley: not a suspect in the theft of two fur coats in Copenhagen. File photo: Hannah Mckay/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

The boutique, Rohrmann, was visited by the Kingsley-lookalike and a female accomplice on Thursday morning, North Zealand Police confirmed. The store is located in Hellerup, an affluent outlying district of Greater Copenhagen.

The pair tried on scarves and the man attempted to haggle over the price of a fur coat before the two succeeded in leaving the store with two coats which hadn’t been paid for.

In addition to the Kingsley comparison, the man is also described as 50-55 years old and of slim build. He is not Danish and has dark brown hair, according to the description.

How that description fits with the comparison to the legendary actor, who is 75 years old and bald, is unclear.

Additionally, the man was described as wearing a Paisley-patterned scarf. He spoke English with an “indefinable” accent.

The woman is described as between 45-50, Eastern European, 170-175cm tall and with dark hair tied in a bun.

Kingsley, who was awarded an Oscar in 1982 for his portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi, is not considered a suspect in the theft, North Zealand Police have confirmed.

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