Denmark to get windy weekend with storm-strength gusts possible

Denmark to get windy weekend with storm-strength gusts possible
File photo: Amdi Thorkild/Polfoto/Ritzau
The autumn is set to show its teeth in Denmark this weekend.

Strong winds are forecast across the country in the coming days, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

“It will be autumn with a capital A this weekend. It’s going to shake and rattle,” said duty meteorologist Frank Nielsen.

Several changes in weather are expected between Friday and Sunday, Nielsen said.

Friday will alternate between rainy and sunny spells, according to the meteorologist.

DMI has issued a storm weather warning for the following days.

“During the night and up to Saturday morning it could be so windy that we could reach gale force. On Saturday morning the wind will pass over, after which it will clear up again for a while with some sunshine,” Nielsen said.

But that respite will likely be short-lived, according to the meteorologist.

“Between Saturday and Sunday a new low pressure area will cause the wind to increase again. So it will be repeated. Things will start hotting up,” he said.

But neither are temperatures likely to be pleasant.

“We will begin with 10-13 degrees Celsius and around 10 degrees during the night, but on Sunday temperatures will drop somewhat,” Nielsen said.

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