Danish agency advises consumers over Black Friday web shopping

The Danish Safety Technology Authority (Sikkerhedsstyrelsen) has warned consumers in Denmark to exercise caution when making Black Friday purchases from foreign platforms.

Danish agency advises consumers over Black Friday web shopping
A Danish government agency has warned customers over product quality when buying from webshops based outside of the EU. Photo by June Gathercole on Unsplash

In a statement, the government agency advised Danish consumers planning to make online purchases on Black Friday to take care when taking up offers from foreign webshops.

“With Black Friday coming up, offers will be overflowing on foreign webshops. But remember to keep in mind whether offers are too good to be true,” the agency said.

Danish consumer protection laws apply to purchases made on Danish webshops and consumers are also well protected within EU jurisdiction.

But extra caution is advisable when making purchases from outside the EU, the agency says on its website.

“You should check the webshop to ensure the company has provided its name, address, telephone number and email address. You should also check whether the company has a registration number or whether the owner’s name is given,” it writes.

Products purchased from websites outside of the EU should be checked before being used, Danish Safety Technology Authority head of products Kirstine Gottlieb told news wire Ritzau.

Childrens’ toys are an example of item where this advice should be kept in mind, she said.

“When we’re talking about toys there’s a chance small parts can break off, for example from soft toys,” she said.

“That could become serious if a child swallows small parts of a toy, and we obviously want to avoid that,” she said.

Long strings are also a potential risk because they can become entangled in other objects when children are playing, she also advised. Strings should be shorter than 22 centimetres according to the agency’s advice.

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Danish supermarkets to close earlier to save on electricity 

At least 150 SuperBrugsen and Kvickly supermarkets in Denmark are to close earlier on weekends as a result of high energy prices.

Danish supermarkets to close earlier to save on electricity 

Shoppers will have to check out at the grocery store chains, both owned by Coop, before 7pm on weekends, broadcaster TV2 reports. The changes to opening times took effect on January 1st.

The new closing times are an hour or two earlier than the supermarkets have historically closed on weekends, with 8pm or 9pm the previous normal weekend closing times.

It is up to management at each location to decide whether to close earlier on weekdays as well, Coop’s head of information Jens Juul Nielsen told TV2.

The 150 stores with reduced opening times at weekends are spread across the country, Nielsen also said, so check with your local store if you are unsure whether it is affected.

The decision to cut down on opening times was made to save money, Nielsen confirmed.

“The costs of electricity and energy have increased and our purchasing prices are under strain so we have looked at our energy overheads, turned lights off and turned refrigerators off around stores,” he said.

The late weekend opening times are among those least likely to inconvenience customers by their absence, he told TV2.

The company will revisit the decision if it appears to have a negative impact on revenues, he also said.

In addition to the Coop-owned stores, around 150 independent SuperBrugsen supermarkets are also reducing opening times on both weekends and weekdays, the broadcaster writes.