Danish research suggests repeated Covid-19 boosters for over-50s

People over the age of 50 could need repeated booster vaccines against Covid-19, Danish research has found.

Danish research suggests repeated Covid-19 boosters for over-50s
Danish research suggests that people over the age of 50 would need repeated revaccinations to maintain resistance to Covid-19. Photo: Philip Davali/Ritzau Scanpix

Research at Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet, Aarhus University Hospital and Aarhus University indicates that several more rounds of vaccination against Covid will be necessary to protect people over 50, broadcaster DR writes.

The joint research project, Enforce, found that people over the age of 50 are likely to benefit from a fifth, sixth and seventh Covid-19 vaccine dose.

People over the age of 50 will be offered a fourth dose (a second booster after the original two-dose vaccine) from October 1st.

Care home residents and particularly vulnerable elderly people will be invited for a booster from September 15th. People with suppressed immune systems are already eligible.

“Coronavirus is a disease we will live with and we need to be continuously vaccinated against it,” Nina Breinholt Stærke, doctor and coordinator of the Enforce research project in the Central Jutland region, told DR.

“Especially those who are at risk of becoming seriously ill from the disease,” she added. 

Enforce examined blood samples from nearly 7,000 Danes before and after their vaccinations to reach the conclusion over the need for boosters.

The research is scheduled to be presented in full at a symposium in Copenhagen on Wednesday.

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Covid-19: Denmark decides against additional booster this winter

No additional booster vaccination against Covid-19 will be offered this winter, the Danish Health Authority confirmed on Wednesday.

Covid-19: Denmark decides against additional booster this winter

Together with an expert advisory group, the Health Authority has considered whether to offer vulnerable groups an extra booster vaccination against Covid-19 this winter.

People at higher risk of serious illness with the virus including those over the age of 85 will not be offered a further booster this winter, the authority has decided.

Denmark offered a booster in autumn 2022 to all people over the age of 50 and younger people considered vulnerable to the coronavirus.

The booster was backed up by data suggesting it improves protection against hospitalisation with Covid-19 by 74 percent, according to the Danish Health Authority.

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Infection numbers in Denmark are currently low.

“We have the highest vaccine uptake in Europe and the vaccines have proved to be effective, including for the elderly and most vulnerable. We are in a good place in the Covid-19 epidemic. We can only be pleased about this,” head of section and consultant physician Kirstine Moll Harboe said in the statement.

The health authority nevertheless expects immunity and effectiveness of vaccines to fall over time and will therefore develop a plan for a new booster vaccination campaign to take place in the autumn.