Öresund Bridge linking Sweden and Denmark offers free passage to Ukrainians

All cars with Ukrainian number plates will be able to pass the toll on the Öresund bridge linking Danish capital Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö without having to pay, the operators have declared.

Öresund Bridge linking Sweden and Denmark offers free passage to Ukrainians
The Öresund bridge lit up in Ukrainian colours. Photo: Johan Nilsson/Øresundsbron

“The Öresund bridge want to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people by allowing refugees and emergency assistance to cross the bridge. Of course we should help our European neighbours in this difficult time,”  Linus Eriksson, CEO of Oresundsbro Konsortiet, said in a press statement.

Other groups, such as voluntary organisations driving lorries with supplies for Ukraine, or busses with evacuated people fleeing Ukraine, will also be allowed to pass toll-free. These groups should contact the Öresund bridge’s customer service prior to crossing the bridge, who will provide access.

“We will continue to show our support for Ukraine by lighting up the Öresund bridge in Ukraine’s colours every weekend in March,” Eriksson continued.

How will it work?

When a private car with a Ukrainian number plate reaches the toll, they will be allowed to cross without paying a fee. This applies until the end of March, after which a decision will be made as to whether an extension is necessary.

Lorries or buses carrying supplies or evacuees should contact Öresund bridge customer service.

Member comments

  1. So membership of the EU is no longer necessary according to the Swedish Migration Board , who has now set a Legal Precedent for others to challenge any attempt to stop them doing the same thing ?? Who runs the Government a three year old ??

  2. What Colour Ukrainians will be allowed this Unique exemption of all Migration Laws to let in non EU members . The French separated the Black ones and sent them to a camp somewhere where they won’t be seen . So when a Black Ukrainian shows his passport in Sweden lets see how welcoming the Swedes are . This is a White Man’s War and White Privilege gone crazy is in full swing here for the whole World to see the double standards and blatant racism going on in Ukraine and in the EU .

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UPDATED: Denmark’s government supports Ukraine EU candidacy 

Denmark’s government has said it will support Ukraine’s bid for EU membership after the European Commission deemed the country’s candidacy viable.

UPDATED: Denmark's government supports Ukraine EU candidacy 

Ukraine’s bid to be part of the EU got a majority backing in Danish Parliament on Friday after the European Commission backed the bid.

“It is really, really important that Europe opens the door for Ukraine, so that we can get started to ensure that Ukraine can be ready for EU membership,” foreign affairs spokesperson Michael Aastrup told newswire Ritzau.

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod said on Twitter that Denmark was looking forward to continuing cooperation with Ukraine on reforms.

The possibility for Ukraine to become part of the EU is conditional on Ukraine implementing reforms – on rule of law, oligarchs, human rights and tackling corruption – European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Friday. She added that “good work has been done.”

Candidacy status is a significant step to joining the EU but the whole process can take years.

“When a candidate’s status is granted, it is not the same as Ukraine being ready to join the EU. There are a large number of criteria to be met and there are a large number of outstanding ones that Ukraine lacks. These are some of the things that are being addressed”, Michael Aastrup said.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen will attend a meeting in Brussels next week where the recommendation from the European Commission will be voted and signed off by the EU’s 27 member states. France, Germany and Italy have also already backed Ukraine’s bid but the decision has to be unanimous.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has said that status as a candidate for EU membership is vital to his country, while the country’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba has said the question could be decisive in the war to defend Ukraine from invasion by Russia.

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