Denmark scraps quarantine requirement for business travellers – but only at work

Denmark scraps quarantine requirement for business travellers – but only at work
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An easing of restrictions in Denmark will reduce restrictions on people travelling out of and back to the country for business purposes, though they will still be required to quarantine when not at work.

Travel guidelines and restrictions will change from Wednesday as part of a number of changes to the current rules in place to control the coronavirus epidemic.


The new rules make it easier for people who return to Denmark after business travel to break the self-isolation period in order to go to work.

But the isolation requirement will continue to apply during their leisure time, the Danish foreign ministry confirmed to news wire Ritzau.

All foreign travel is cautioned against by the ministry currently, with the entire world designated a ‘red’ zone due to risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, the ministry advises against all foreign travel (not just non-essential travel). This means that business travel is not exempted from the advisory.

Danish citizens and legal residents of the country cannot be denied entry but must follow requirements to be tested for Covid-19 and quarantine for 10 days when they return from travel abroad.

When guidelines change on Wednesday, April 21st, the advice to avoid all foreign travel will mostly switch to advice against non-essential travel.

That is because a regional model will be reintroduced (having previously been used last year), with travel advice split into three categories based on the infection situation in the areas in question.

The three categories are: yellow (‘be careful’); orange (‘avoid non-essential travel’) and red (‘avoid all travel’).

Most of the world will be designated ‘orange’, with some important exceptions. More detail can be found in this article.

The relevance of the easing of restrictions for business travellers is that, because it will be considered a necessary type of trip, business travel to most countries is no longer advised against.

“Business travel to both orange and yellow countries can take place,” the ministry said in a written comment to Ritzau.

“Secondly, business travellers who return from a trip may break their isolation when they are at work,” it added.

“Mandatory test and isolation requirements remain, but the isolation requirement will only apply in leisure time,” the ministry stated.

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