Danish police arrest man over scam phone calls to elderly

Police in Denmark on Wednesday arrested a 30-year-old man on suspicion of 27 counts of fraud.

Danish police arrest man over scam phone calls to elderly
File photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

The arrest was confirmed in a Central and West Zealand Police statement.

The man is suspected to have gained 2.9 million kroner by making scam telephone calls to elderly people, according to the police.

The scam involved tricking people to hand over details of their NemID, the secure digital login used in Denmark, and other passwords, by giving them the impression that there was a problem with their accounts.

A large is subsequently stolen from them by online transfer.

The man is also suspected of acting recruit other vulnerable people to work as middle-men or ‘moles’ involved in the scamming operation.

“The 30-year-old is suspected of grossly violating elderly citizens’ trust in their banks, and later enticing younger, vulnerable citizens to act as ‘moles’ to erase his tracks to the criminal act,” senior officer Martin Eise Eriksen of Central and West Zealand Police’s financial crime unit said in the statement.

“This is a case of wide-ranging fraud against elderly and other vulnerable citizens, who have either been cheated or badly taken advantage of,” Eriksen added.

The man was scheduled to appear for preliminary court proceedings on Thursday.

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Copenhagen police lift stop-and-search zone

Police in Copenhagen have announced that stop and search zones put in place following a spate of knife violence in the Danish capital will now be lifted, after no further incidents occurred in the last week.

Copenhagen police lift stop-and-search zone

The stop and search zones (also called “visitation zones”), which were in effect in parts of the Nørrebro and Nordvest neighbourhoods, will not be continued and will expire on Thursday, police confirmed.

Recent weeks have not seen any further incidents, police stated, in reference to a spate of violence that flared in the area at the end of 2022.

When the zones are in effect, police within the zone can stop people and check their possessions without meeting the usual requirements to do so.

The stop-and-search zone was put in place on December 29th in response to five stabbings within a week in Copenhagen. It was extended on January 5th.

At the time, police said they believed several of the stabbings were between young men associated with criminal circles, but that there had been no sign of a conflict between established crime groups.

In Thursday’s tweet, police said that investigations into the incidents were “progressing”. No arrests have yet been made.