2000 protest in Denmark over the death of black American George Floyd

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2000 protest in Denmark over the death of black American George Floyd

Around 2000 people have gathered on the streets of Copenhagen to protest against the killing of black American George Floyd by police in the US.


People held up signs saying "Justice for George Floyd", who died in police custody while an officer kneeled on his neck to pin him down. Floyd repeatedly told the officer he couldn't breathe.

Derek Chauvin has been charged with his murder in Minneapolis. The white police officer and the three other officers present have been sacked from their jobs.

Black Lives Matter demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Copenhagen, Sunday, May 31, 2020. Ida Guldbæk Arentsen / Ritzau Scanpix

The demonstration in Copenhagen started outside the US embassy in Østerbro at 1400 on Saturday and finished at Christianborg.

According to the Copenhagen Police, the demonstration was peaceful. Copenhagen police chief Henrik Svejstrup estimates that the demonstration reached its peak at Christiansborg with around 2000 participants.


Black Lives Matter demonstration at Christiansborg Palace Square in Copenhagen, Sunday, May 31, 2020: Ida Guldbæk Arentsen/Ritzau Scanpix

A spokesman from the US embassy in Denmark told TV2:

“Our Justice Department has made it clear that responsibility for his (George Floyd's) death is being addressed through the legal system, both at the state and federal levels. 

"We will always stand by the rights for all people to peacefully demonstrate and to have their voices heard, but we will also oppose anyone who exploits this tragedy to loot, rob, attack and threaten…”

Black Lives Matter demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Copenhagen, Sunday, May 31, 2020. Ida Guldbæk Arentsen / Ritzau Scanpix

Violent protests began in the United States on Tuesday, the day after Georg Floyd lost his life in Minneapolis police custody.  Since then, demonstrations in the US have turned into violence with cars and buildings set alight and riot police using tear gas and rubber bullets.

On Sunday there were also demonstrations in other European capitals such as Berlin and London.




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[email protected] 2020/06/01 14:21
Why is it that NONE OF these protesters or rioters care about black-on-black crime? From 1976 to today, 94 percent of black victims were killed by other blacks. High rates of black-on-black killing have been the norm for well over a century. Even though blacks represent 12% of the US population, they overwhelmingly commit more crimes. In fact, three times more than Hispanics and eight times more than whites.<br />Additionally, studies have shown black officers were just as likely to shoot black citizens as white officers were. Now, none of that data is meant to defend or justify the crime committed by these rogues cops on George Floyd. but why is this not merely looked at as the death of a PERSON rather than a BLACK person? And how is rioting and looting in any way justified? The reality is, within the US, on any given day. Literally, millions upon millions of interactions between all people, white, black, Hispanic, and Asian take place and do so with courtesy, civility, and friendliness! Yet the left, the media, and the corrupt black leaders who have a vested interest in continually fostering the narrative that America is a racist country. Why are none of these protestors marching to bring attention to the fact that in Chicago, 191 people have been killed this year? Most were young black men killing young black men! Ah, but that is acceptable apparently or at the very least not of interest to the media and BLM, for it does not play into their narrative. In the end, the killing of Floyd was a despicable crime committed by a few rogue cops one of whom was a minority and in no way reflect on America or police in general, and it is about time the world realizes this. The rioters are nothing more than the thug's cops have to deal with daily or who go into their communties and pray on their own people.
[email protected] 2020/05/31 19:08<br /><br />Third page, third paragraph

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