Why do so many Danes suffer from perfume allergies?

180,000 people in Denmark are allergic to perfumes, and the number is increasing.

Why do so many Danes suffer from perfume allergies?
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The country’s Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen, EPA) is launching a social media campaign based on the high figure, with the aim of convincing mire young people to opt for more products which do not contain perfumes.

“The aim is not to get young people to completely stop using perfumes, but to get them to economize with them,” EPA manager Elisabeth Paludan said in a press statement.

“For example, they could switch their deodorant with a perfume-free version,” Paludan added.

The campaign is aimed at people between the ages of 13 and 16.

Perfume allergies can take the form of redness or eczema or small blisters or cracks in the skin.

Allergies can build up over long periods of consistent exposure to perfumes.

“Perfume allergies are related to the amount of perfume you have been exposed to,” Paludan said.

“That’s why it makes a difference of young people start using perfumes earlier,” she added.

The EPA advises use of perfume-free deodorants from a young age. Another tip is to spray perfumes on clothing instead of on the body.

Minister for the Environment Lea Wermelin said that advice and campaigns are not the only tools available to help prevent young people developing allergies.

“That’s why we are working towards regulation of allergy-inducing substances through things like bans, labelling and information to make it easier for consumers to avoid chemicals,” Wermelin said.

Allergies and eczema resulting from chemical in consumer products are estimated to society 500 million kroner annually.

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