Denmark’s traffic police to step up checks on distracted drivers

Denmark's traffic police to step up checks on distracted drivers
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Motorists in Denmark are more likely to be stopped by police this week for using their mobile or GPS device at the wheel.

Police are to put extra resources into enforcing rules against inattentive drivers.

The measure will be effective in all 12 police districts in Denmark from Monday to Sunday with extra police monitoring traffic.

A lack of attention to the road is a factor in one in three fatal accidents in Denmark, according to police figures.

“If you drive at, for example, 80 kilometers per hour, and look away from the road for four seconds, you travel 89 meters (without looking),” said Christian Berthelsen police assistant with the National Police Traffic Centre.

“That’s 89 metres in which anything could happen,” he added.

According to a 2017 study, 6 percent of motorists do something while driving to distract themselves from the road.

That can include use of a mobile phone or satellite navigation device, or eating and drinking.

The National Police also plans to continue its increased focus on the issue in the longer term, Berthelsen said.


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