Becoming Danish: What advice would you give about gaining citizenship in Denmark?

Share your experiences of gaining Danish citizenship with those who are going through the process.

Becoming Danish: What advice would you give about gaining citizenship in Denmark?
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Many foreigners in Denmark applying each year to become Danish — not least Brits, who have increasingly been granted citizenship in recent years.

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As this is a subject likely to be relevant to many of our readers, we'd like to hear about your experiences — particularly if you have been through the process yourself.

Your responses will be used to help other readers who will may go through the same thing in future. Keep an eye on our website in the coming days for the article.

Please take a look at the form below and share your thoughts with us. We are grateful for your responses!

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QUIZ: Can you pass the 2022 Danish citizenship test?

If you want to become a Danish citizen, you'll have to prove your knowledge of the country's culture, history, politics and more by passing a citizenship test. Can you pass our quiz version?

QUIZ: Can you pass the 2022 Danish citizenship test?

A condition of getting Danish citizenship is to demonstrate knowledge of Danish society, culture and history by passing a citizenship test (indfødsretsprøve).

In April 2021, the previous version of the citizenship test, which consisted of 40 multiple choice questions, was supplemented with five extra questions about “Danish values” such as equality, freedom of speech and the relation between legislation and religion. 

The pass mark is 36/45 and at least four of the five Danish values questions must be answered correctly. 

Children under 12, Swedish and Norwegian citizens, and people from the Danish minority in German region Schleswig-Holstein do not need to take the citizenship test.

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While there are 45 questions (and they’re in Danish) in the real test, we’ve compiled 15 for you to have a go at answering. They are all based on the actual test from November 2022.

The pass mark on the real test is 36/45, with at least 4 of the 5 “values” questions (the last 5 questions in the test) correctly answered. In our version, the last 3 questions are taken from the Danish values section of the real test.

The 45 questions in the real citizenship test cover a broader range of topics and styles than those covered here, so please don’t take our quiz as any certain measure of your ability to pass the real thing.