The Local Denmark launches Membership: Don’t miss out on limited offer

The Local Denmark launches Membership: Don't miss out on limited offer
On Tuesday we launched Membership for The Local Denmark. We are now asking readers to pay a small contribution to get full access to the latest news and essential features. Here's what being a Member will get you and how you can still take advantage of a limited discount offer to join.

What's happening?

On Tuesday March 5th The Local Denmark followed in the footsteps of our sister sites around Europe by asking regular readers to become paying Members.

What does that mean?

It means that we are asking readers to pay a small contribution either each month or annually to become a Member.

What does that get me?

In short membership gets you this:

  • Access to an unlimited number of news and features articles on the site
  • Exclusive features just for members on all kinds of subjects to help explain Denmark and life in the country
  • Improved coverage – with a freelance budget we aim to get improve our coverage and get more voices on the site
  • As a member you'll be able to comment on all articles from now on
  • Fewer adverts – as a member you'll see less advertising on our articles
  • Unlimited access to all the other Local news sites around Europe
  • Special newsletters just for members

READ ENOUGH? You can join now for a special discount price

What else will my money go towards?

Our primary aim is to continue to grow amid an increasingly tough media landscape and your contribution will help us to not have to rely on advertising revenue in future. That will help us improve what we write about and make us more accountable to readers rather than advertisers.

As members, we will be asking for your views and seeking your contributions on a regular basis. In short, we want you to get involved.

How much does it cost?

Today you can join The Local Denmark by taking advantage of our “Early Bird” offer, before it runs out.

The offer, which gives you 30 percent off the price of annual membership, is to give loyal readers the chance to join at a cheaper rate before we introduce the paywall at the beginning of March. The special offer is time limited.

That means if you are in Denmark you can sign up today for 245 kroner per year, rather than the normal annual price of 350 kroner. If you want to pay monthly, you will be given the first month for free, so that you will pay the normal monthly rate of 35 kroner for your first two months of Membership.

If you are are outside Denmark you can pay €34.99 for the first year of annual Membership instead of €49.99. Please note, if you are in the US or the UK the money will be taken in your local currency.

If you've read enough you can join now by CLICKING HERE to see the sign up page. Your support is much appreciated.


Please explain why you have introduced a paywall again?

If you want to know about why we have taken this step then you can read this article. An important factor is that advertising alone is no longer enough to survive in the ruthless modern media industry.

We are working in an environment in which big global companies like Facebook and Google have snapped up a huge proportion of global advertising. We highly value the relationships we have with our advertisers, but like most other media we also need other, more stable forms of income.
The reality is that a click or a unique visitor doesn't on its own pay the bills, especially when so many use ad blockers.
If we want to continue to grow as we have done since The Local Denmark was launched in 2014, and offer more to readers, then we needed to ask them to contribute directly.
But our Membership scheme is not just about having to balance the books amid stiff competition for ad revenues.
We wanted to be in a position to offer more insight into this wonderful country and to cover the news our readers need in more detail. We wanted to explain how the country works and give people the advice they need to navigate their life in Denmark. 
Membership is also motivated by our desire for our readers to become more involved in what we do and how we do it. We want to tell your stories and write about your experiences living in Denmark. In other words, don't think of your monthly or yearly payment as a fee, but as an investment.
We look forward to having you on board and thank you to all those who have already signed up.
And we'll be redoubling our efforts to speak up for the international residents of Denmark when they need our help.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email our team at [email protected].
Thank you for reading.
Michael Barrett,
Editor, The Local Denmark


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