Six dead in train crash on Denmark’s Great Belt Fixed Link

Six dead in train crash on Denmark’s Great Belt Fixed Link
Photo: Michael Bager/Ritzau Scanpix
Six people were killed in a rail accident in windy conditions on the Great Belt Bridge between Zealand and Funen early on Wednesday.

Initial reports had stated eight minor injuries to have resulted from a train braking sharply after hitting an object at 7:30am.

Funen Police later confirmed six deaths and 16 injuries resulting from the accident.

There were 131 passengers and three members of staff on board the train involved in the accident according to reports.

A Funen Police spokesman told reporters that “an object hit the train” but was unable to provide further detail.

“There was a loud crash and the windows started smashing onto our heads. We flew down onto the floor, and then the train stopped,” passenger Heidi Langberg Zumbusch told DR

An accident centre has been opened in the nearby town of Nyborg on the Funen side of the bridge, where people who were on board the train can receive help.

“Police have established an evacuation centre in Nyborg for passengers from the train. That is located at Nyborg Idrætscenter [Sports Centre, ed.], Storebæltsvej 13-14. There will not be access for relatives. There will be a psychological and social team present to receive and assist passengers,” Funen Police wrote in an earlier press statement.

A special telephone number, 96 97 00 00, has been provided for relatives to contact police.

Police also advised all passengers who were on board the train to contact loved ones to let them know they are safe.

Road traffic on the eastbound side of the bridge is now moving again at restricted speeds, Funen Police wrote.

“We encourage motorists to respect this serious accident by not taking photos or driving slowly past the scene of the accident,” police wrote in a statement.

Rail operator DSB tweeted that it was working to provide rail replacement buses for passengers whose journeys have been disrupted by the accident.

The Great Belt fixed link consists of a road suspension bridge and a railway tunnel between Zealand and the small island of Sprogø, and a bridge for both road and rail traffic between Sprogø and Funen.