Gang member sentenced to 20 years in prison, deportation for attempted murder of police officers

A member of Danish organised crime group Loyal to Familia (LTF) has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the attempted murder of two plain-clothed police officers whom he confused for members of a rival gang.

Gang member sentenced to 20 years in prison, deportation for attempted murder of police officers
File photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

Copenhagen City Court also sentenced the 20-year-old man, a national of Pakistan, to deportation.

The convicted man’s identity has not been made public due to potential appeal procedures. He was born and raised in Denmark and has a two-year-old child, Ritzau reports.

The incident for which he was found guilty occurred in September 2017, when two shots were fired from a motorcycle towards two men in the back yard of a building in the Mjølnerparken housing area in Copenhagen.

The two men were police officers and were sitting in an unmarked police car.

The prosecution authority found that the shots were fired because the attacker mistakenly thought the men to be members of a rival gang named Brothas.

The case was trialled by jury, with 11 members finding in favour of a 20-year sentence and one voting for an 18-year sentence.

Monday’s sentencing follows a guilty verdict being reached in the trial on Wednesday last week, when three others were acquitted of planning to kill the two persons in Mjølnerparken.

One of the three, 20-year-old Ekram Yavuz, was, however, found guilty of possessing firearms and threatening behaviour. He was given five and a half years in prison and did not appeal the sentence.

Danish criminal law allows harsher punishments for certain crimes if they are committed in connection with gang activity.

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Danish court jails woman in 4 billion euro money laundering case

A Danish court on Thursday sentenced a woman to jail for attempting to launder nearly four billion euros, the largest case of money-laundering in the Nordic country's history.

Danish court jails woman in 4 billion euro money laundering case

The 49-year-old Lithuanian woman had confessed to the crime in police interviews, Denmark’s Prosecution Service said in a statement.

Between December 2008 and March 2016, nearly four billion euros were funnelled through a series of companies, all of which had accounts in Danske Bank’s Estonian branch.

“This is the largest amount we have seen in a money laundering case brought before a court in Denmark,” special prosecutor Lisette Jørgensen said in a statement.

“The woman had a role in a large money laundering complex built around 40 Danish limited partnerships,” Jorgensen added.

Using her expertise, she “made it possible for the companies to move money around in order to disguise their illegal origins”, the prosecutor said.

According to the prosecution service, two other defendants in the case have also been linked to the companies. 

One is a 49-year-old former Russian citizen who is in custody after she was extradited from the UK in December 2021, and the other is a 56-year-old Lithuanian man living in Denmark.

The Lithuanian woman sentenced Thursday was given three years and 11 months in prison for laundering millions in a separate case. 

Together with Thursday’s verdict, her total sentence is eight years in jail.

Prosecutors also said the case is connected a larger scandal involving Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest.

The bank is still recovering after it became embroiled in criminal investigations in several countries over some 200 billion euros in transfers that passed through its Estonian branch between 2007 and 2015, involving some 15,000 foreign clients, many Russian.

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