Attack dogs injure 81-year-old Danish woman

Attack dogs injure 81-year-old Danish woman
Unrelated file photo. The breed of the dogs involved in the attack is currently unknown. Photo: oscity/Depositphotos
An 81-year-old woman was injured and her dog killed after they were set upon by attack dogs when out walking in Grenaa, eastern Jutland last week.

The woman was walking her dog on a path in the town, 50 kilometres northeast of Aarhus, on Friday, when they were attacked by two other dogs.

She reportedly attempted to protect herself and her pet, but fell forwards and suffered several bites before fleeing to her house.

“She received several bites and bruises when she fell. She received treatment at hospital but was discharged shortly afterwards,” East Jultand Police press spokesperson Jacob Christiansen told Ritzau.

The woman’s dog was so seriously injured by bites from the other dogs that it had to be euthanized.

Police officers called on the 24-year-old owner of the two attack dogs after the incident, but he had ensured the animals were not at his home. As of Monday, police had been unable to locate the dogs.

The man was charged on Monday for not keeping his dogs under control. He may face further charges pending investigation.

“He has been charged in the first instance for not keeping his dogs under control. They ran about freely and were aggressive. Furthermore, we will find out which breed the dogs are. They may be illegal,” Christiansen said.

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