Denmark’s autumn break to begin with warm and sunny weather

Denmark's autumn break to begin with warm and sunny weather
People enjoying warm weather on October 13th. Photo: Nikolai Linares/Ritzau Scanpix
People on holiday from work and school this week could be treated to weather as golden as the falling leaves.

Most parts of the country will also remain dry this week, according to a Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) forecast.

That means schoolchildren, teachers and others in Denmark who are on holiday during this week's autumn break will have the benefit of warm, dry weather.

“Monday will begin a little cloudy in north and northwestern parts of Jutland, but the rest of the country will have warm and sunny weather. The temperature will be around 15 degrees (Celsius in Jutland and between 17 and 22 degrees in the rest of the country,” DMI duty meteorologist Dan Nilsvall said early on Monday.

The east of Denmark in particular will be able to enjoy the pleasant weather this week, although the forecast is less positive for the north west, Nilsvall added.

“The warm weather looks like it will continue in most places, with the exception of the northwestern part of Jutland. The east and southeast will have pleasant days with very warm temperatures. We will come close to 20 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday, maybe even over,” he continued.

Chillier temperatures will be felt a little later in the week, the meteorologist pointed out.

“A cold front will pass the country on Wednesday night, and that will bring the warm temperatures to an end. But once the clouds have passed over we might, nevertheless, get a nice end to the week,” Nilsvall said.

The coming week will stay dry on the whole, he added.

“Over the next few days, a small amount of rain could fall in the north west of the country. But it otherwise looks as though it will stay dry in most areas,” he said.

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