Formidable Danish summer weather set to continue

Formidable Danish summer weather set to continue
Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix
No end is in sight to the hot, dry weather that Denmark has enjoyed all summer long.

Forecasts predict sunny weather on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and there is no sign that dried-out fields will get much-needed rain.

“If you are in need of rain, this is unfortunately bad news,” Thor Hartz, duty meteorologist with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), said.

“The weather will be dry all weekend. There could possibly be local showers on Sunday, but there will be very little rain,” Hartz added.

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Temperatures will reach around 25 degrees Celsius on Friday and Sunday and will be a little warmer at 27 degrees on Saturday. Eastern parts of the country will feel warmest.

A high-pressure front over the North Sea is responsible for the current good weather.

“That is good news for those who are hoping for more beach weather. Water temperatures are between 17 and 22 degrees. The water is warmest in inner sea waters, and coldest on the west coast of Jutland,” Hartz said.

A light to moderate westerly wind is forecast.

“The exception is North Jutland. It will be more windy there, with a moderate to strong wind on the coasts,” Hartz said.

There is no sign of a cooling down or rainfall in the days immediately after the weekend.

“On the contrary, when I look ahead, the only change is that it will get warmer. A high-pressure zone will move across the country next week, and that will ensure a lot of sun, with temperatures moving up a notch. To between 25 and 30 degrees,” Hartz said.