Police arrest Danish man for drug dealing after TV appearance

A man was arrested in Denmark on Thursday evening on suspicion of drug dealing after he appeared on a television programme.

Police arrest Danish man for drug dealing after TV appearance
File photo: Henning Bagger/Scanpix Denmark

South Zealand and Lolland-Falster police confirmed that they had arrested the man on Thursday evening on suspicion of dealing drugs via social media.

He is now accused of extensive sales of narcotics via social media, including on Facebook, the police confirmed via a press statement.

The young man appeared on Thursday evening in broadcaster TV2's programme Station 2: Det kriminelle Facebook (Station 2: The Criminal Facebook), a documentary on the sale of recreational drugs on social media.

“We are very satisfied with yesterday's arrest, which occurred as a result of an alert officer's good memory.

“We are highly focused on all forms of drug dealing to young people, since we have experience with the serious consequences drugs abuse can have for a young person,” Chief Superintendent Kim Kliver wrote in the press statement.

Kliver said the man's appearance in the programme jogged a police officer's memory over a detail which subsequently put police on the man's trail.

The chief superintendent declined to comment on the amount of drugs the man is suspected of dealing, but said that several types of narcotic substances were involved.

The young man was scheduled to appear for a preliminary detention hearing at Næstved District Court on Friday afternoon.

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