Cold snap heading to Denmark this week

Cold snap heading to Denmark this week
File photo: Henning Bagger/Scanpix Denmark
Icy roads and sub-zero temperatures are forecast in Denmark for much of this week.

Motorists have been advised to drive with caution in coming days, as an easterly wind brings cold temperatures and snow across the country.

“There is a high-pressure area over the central and northern part of Scandinavia sending cold air over Denmark from the east, giving very low temperatures during the day and frost at night,” said Lars Henriksen of the Danish Meteorology Institute (DMI).

Daytime temperatures are forecast to remain between around freezing point and 2°C, dropping to up to -5°C at night. Any showers are expected to be in the form of snow or sleet.

“It is difficult to say how much snow or sleet will fall. But it is certain that motorists should continue to be extra aware of potential icy roads,” Henriksen said.

“We have not had much winter weather this year, so now we're finally getting a slice of it,” the meteorologist added.

Monday will be cloudy and damp, with snow or sleet likely in the northern part of Jutland.

On Tuesday, the winter snap will be particularly felt, with temperatures dropping to one or two degrees above zero in most of the country, although southwestern areas will be slightly warmer.

“Tuesday will be a bit mixed with isolated snow or sleet showers, but there may also be some sun,” Henriksen said.

The Scandinavian high pressure area will move over Denmark by midweek.

“Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will therefore probably not see so much wind or precipitation. But if there is wet weather it will mostly be in the form of snow,” the meteorologist said.

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