Frosty week ahead in Denmark as sun plays minor role

Frosty week ahead in Denmark as sun plays minor role
File photo: RASMUSSEN PER/Polfoto/Ritzau
A few short sunny spells will break up a cold winter week in Denmark.

Monday and Tuesday are likely to be the only bright days during an overall frosty week, says the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)’s Mette Wagner.

“We’ll need sunglasses on Monday and Tuesday. But we’ll also need gloves in our pocket if we go for a walk,” Wagner said.

The second week in January began with handsome winter weather, with Danes waking up to ice and frost on Monday.

“We’re starting with a beautiful day after a cold and clear night. We’ve been all the way down to 7.7 degrees [Celsius] below zero. But when the sun comes up I expect it will be a clear and sunny Monday. It will be a beautiful day, and sunglasses will be necessary,” Wagner said early on Monday.

Temperatures will reach around freezing point in most parts of the country, with a high of five degrees above zero in northern Jutland.

“A little frosty mist may be formed towards the end of the day, which may be a nuisance during the night going into Tuesday. Tuesday will also be quite cold, but going into Wednesday a front will arrive, making things warmer,” Wagner said.

That means that Wednesday morning may be without frost, according to the DMI prediction.

“The temperature may be between two and five degrees on Wednesday. That is quite mild compared to Monday and Tuesday,” Wagner said.

Thursday is likely to see cloudy and wet weather with temperatures falling again, bringing a chance of sleet.

A similar outlook is predicted on Friday with showers from the east.

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