Two Danish ministries taken offline by cyber attack

A Turkish hacker group has claimed responsibility for a cyber attack that has rendered the Danish Ministry of Immigration website inaccessible.

Two Danish ministries taken offline by cyber attack
File photo: DAMIEN MEYER/Scanpix Denmark/AFP

The Ministry of Immigration, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, were hit Wednesday by a cyber attack thought to have come from a Turkish hacker group, reports broadcaster DR.

The former ministry’s website remains down at the time of writing after a so-called DDoS attack.

A Turkish group called Aslan Neferler Tim claimed via messages posted on Facebook to be responsible for the attack. The claim is yet to be officially confirmed.

The group linked its attack to Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg’s posts on social media earlier this week praising Denmark’s infamous 2005 Mohammed cartoons.

Støjberg told TV2 that she said the connection between her post and the attack was noteworthy, but was unable to confirm that the Turkish group was responsible.

“You must say there is a coincidence in the timing,” she told TV2.

The Ministry would release more information once it knew more about what had happened, Støjberg added.

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