Jealous Danish man attacks wife with axe

A 31-year-old Danish woman was attacked with an axe by her husband during a domestic dispute in the town of Esbjerg.

Jealous Danish man attacks wife with axe
Photo: franllera/Depositphotos

The man has been charged with aggravated assault, reports news agency Ritzau.

The dispute between the couple is reportedly a result of the man’s jealousy, according to the report.

Duty officer Søren Strægaard of Southern Jutland Police confirmed to Ritzau that the man attacked the woman with the flat side of the axe.

Now under arrest and charged with aggravated assault, the man has been remanded in custody for 12 days and attended preliminary hearings at Esbjerg Court Sunday.

The attack on the woman took place at around 2pm on Saturday afternoon and was reported to police by a family member.

No information is currently available as to the background of the incident other than that it was motivated by the jealousy on the part of the husband.

The woman was taken to hospital after the incident and is not reported to be in a life-threatening condition, despite the severe nature of the attack.

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Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

A 31-year-old female domestic helper is suspected of having stolen cash and jewellery from elderly citizens and withdrawn money from their Dankorts in the amount of over 50,000 kroner.

Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

The woman was arrested on Saturday and charged with theft and information fraud. There are ten victims in the case.

The police suspect the woman of having stolen from citizens whose homes she has visited as part of her work as a domestic worker in various places in Copenhagen.

“She has worked as a domestic helper and has been in people’s homes as an employee,” Bjarke Dalsgaard, deputy police inspector at Copenhagen police, said.

According to the police, the woman has stolen jewellery and cash on ten occasions. In addition, she has stolen debit cards in four cases and withdrawn money using them. The money that has been withdrawn alone adds up to a value of 52,000 kroner.

Copenhagen police received the first report of theft in the case at the beginning of 2022.

According to the police, the 31-year-old domestic helper admitted to one instance of crime (the theft of around 400 kroner) but pleaded not guilty regarding the remaining 13.