Aarhus to pay back 341,000 kroner in parking fines

The city of Aarhus will refund parking tickets worth 341,000 kroner ($51,000) after a clerical error, the city’s municipality has announced.

Aarhus to pay back 341,000 kroner in parking fines
A street in Aarhus' Øgade neighbourhood. Photo: RhinoMind/Wikimedia Commons

A misstep in the implementation of new parking regulations in the city’s handsome Øgade (Island Street) neighbourhood means that the municipality must now pay back 669 incorrectly issued fines, reports news agency Ritzau.

The total value of the fines is 341,190 kroner.

“We have made a silly foot fault, and we apologise. We will naturally tighten our internal procedures so that we avoid this happening again,” wrote Kim Gulvad Svendsen, operational manager in the city’s Technology and Environment department, in a press statement.

“The mistake is particularly regrettable because it was a blot on an otherwise successful trial that brought positive feedback from residents in the area,” Svendsen continued.

The aim of the initiative was to create more parking spaces for people that live in the area, which is close to the city centre, by charging non-residents for leaving their cars there, reports Ritzau.

“Signage during the trial lacked an in-principle approval from East Jutland Police, and all parking tickets issued during the trial will therefore now be refunded,” wrote the municipality.

In addition to reimbursing tickets, the municipality will also be saddled with the cost of repaying those who paid for parking during the trial.

Refunds can be applied for through the municipality’s website. 

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