Viking gold discovered in Denmark – on live TV

Viking gold discovered in Denmark – on live TV
The new find was made in the same field that yielded these seven bracelets over the summer. Photo: Nick Schaadt, Museet på Sønderskov
A team of Danish archaeologists digging in a field east of Ribe knew they had a better-than-average chance of discovering a treasure trove.
They were, after all, digging in the same field that back in June produced the largest ever discovery of Viking gold in Denmark. Having discovered seven bracelets, six gold and one silver, that date to around the year 900 the archaeologists went back to the field on Monday. 
This time they had a production crew from regional broadcaster TV Syd in tow. 
Already by midday, the archaeologists and the TV crew had cause to celebrate. In front of rolling cameras, the excited diggers pulled out what appeared to be part of another Viking gold bracelet. 
See the clip here, courtesy of TV Syd:
“Look at how beautiful it is. It’s like it was placed there just five minutes ago,” a member of the team said. 
In fact, the gold piece – and the four or five others discovered on Monday – date back to around the year 900. 
The archaeological dig continues through Wednesday. 

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