Police investigate triple murder in Frederiksberg

UPDATED: The three victims of a presumed triple murder had gang ties, media reported on Thursday.

Police investigate triple murder in Frederiksberg
Police have not confirmed the alleged gang connections. Photo: Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen/Scanpix
Copenhagen Police said on Thursday afternoon that the three young men who were found dead in a Frederiksberg apartment were killed by gun shots. 
“Both a hunting rifle and a pistol were used in connection with the killings. No weapons were found in the apartment so it is assumed that there were removed in connection with the killings,” a police press release said. 
Police are treating the case as a triple homicide. 
The three victims were aged 19, 23 and 24. Media reports have stated that all three had ties to gangs and that two of them were recently involved in a criminal case involving weapons possession and illegal drug sales. The 24-year-old was also reported to be a member or supporter of the biker gang Bandidos. 
The three young men's names have been circulating on social media, but Copenhagen Police have not confirmed their identities. 
Police said that it appeared as if the men had been killed in their sleep. 
It remains unclear if more than one person was involved in the murders, but police said that a witness saw two men were seen on a scaffolding outside the building shortly before 4am. Those two men later drove away in a dark vehicle. 
Police are asking for potential witnesses to come forward and said that no additional information would be released at this time. 
Frederiksberg is a generally wealthy part of the Danish capital that is its own municipality despite being surrounded by Copenhagen on all sides. It has a population of just over 100,000. 


Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

A 31-year-old female domestic helper is suspected of having stolen cash and jewellery from elderly citizens and withdrawn money from their Dankorts in the amount of over 50,000 kroner.

Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

The woman was arrested on Saturday and charged with theft and information fraud. There are ten victims in the case.

The police suspect the woman of having stolen from citizens whose homes she has visited as part of her work as a domestic worker in various places in Copenhagen.

“She has worked as a domestic helper and has been in people’s homes as an employee,” Bjarke Dalsgaard, deputy police inspector at Copenhagen police, said.

According to the police, the woman has stolen jewellery and cash on ten occasions. In addition, she has stolen debit cards in four cases and withdrawn money using them. The money that has been withdrawn alone adds up to a value of 52,000 kroner.

Copenhagen police received the first report of theft in the case at the beginning of 2022.

According to the police, the 31-year-old domestic helper admitted to one instance of crime (the theft of around 400 kroner) but pleaded not guilty regarding the remaining 13.