Denmark gets year’s first taste of freezing temps

Denmark has had its first freezing temperature of the coming winter season on Monday, but it came significantly later than usual.

Denmark gets year's first taste of freezing temps
With the first night frost, winter is truly upon Denmark. Photo: Colourbox
The mercury dipped below OC in the Jutland town of Isenvad shortly after midnight on Monday, marking the season’s first recorded freezing temperature.
With a temperature of -0.6C, Isenvad once again claimed the nation’s first freezing temperatures of the year. 
“Sunday night was still and clear and that caused temperatures to drop under the freezing point at the Isenvad weather station just minutes after midnight. It is furthermore the third year in a row that this questionable honour has gone to Isenvad,” the Danish Meteorology Institute (DMI) wrote. 
The mid-Jutland town of just over 600 inhabitants also had the first freezing temps of the 2013 and 2014 winter seasons. 
The first recorded negative temperature came later this year than most. The ten-year average for the first day with sub-zero temperatures is October 7th, so this year’s arrival of bitter cold came almost two weeks later than normal and nearly a whole month later than last year's September 23rd appearance. 
In fact, it was the latest-arriving appearance of freezing temperatures since 2006, when ol’ Jack Frost didn’t come nipping on Danes' noses until October 30th. 
First recorded subzero temperatures, according to DMI:
2015: October 19th
2014: September 23rd
2013: September 28th
2012: October 11th 
2011: October 8th 
2010: October 11th
2009: October 13th
2008: October 6th
2007: October 9th
2006: October 30th
2005: September 17th

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