Danish winter: Wet and mild or extra cold?

Depending on which service is to be believed, Denmark is either in for a winter that will be much colder that usual or one that will be wet and dreary as usual.

Danish winter: Wet and mild or extra cold?
Whose forecast is correct? Only time will tell. Photo: Colourbox
The American weather service Accuweather predicted on Tuesday that Denmark and the rest of northern Europe should brace for a “core of cold” this winter. 
“The first half of winter will only feature brief glimpses of cold air as the core of the cold continues to build over Scandinavia. With storm systems providing occasional moisture from the Mediterranean Sea and cold air pressing southward from Scandinavia, there will be an elevated threat for snowfall events during the second half of winter as well,” the American service predicted. 
Accuweather's prediction for Europe's winter. Graphic: Accuweather
Accuweather's prediction for Europe's winter. Graphic: Accuweather
The Accuweather forecast quickly made the social media rounds as weather-obsessed Danes shared the seemingly bad news that the nation should buckle down for a long cold winter. 
But the Danish Meteorology Institute (DMI) said that their American colleagues hadn’t quite gotten it right. DMI’s outlook is significantly milder than that of Accuweather. 
“Both November and December look like they will be wetter and more mild than normal,” meteorologist Martin Lindberg said on DMI's website
Snow isn’t likely to arrive until after Danes ring in the new year. 
“In the long-term prognosis for January there is a tendency for high-pressure systems over northern Europe and also likely a southerly low pressure path. The possibility for winter weather in Denmark will increase in that situation. When the low pressure system passes just south of the country, we could get a fair amount of snow, possibly followed by a period or cold winter weather so that the snow will remain for some days,” he added. 
Speaking to Berlingske, he added that he didn’t think Accuweather’s forecast would pan out. 
“There will be a period of cooler weather but you can’t say that it will be a very cold winter,” he said. 
Lindberg said that for the past 10-15 years, the average December temperatures in Denmark has been 4C, with temps only reaching the freezing point overnight. 

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