Danes may have invented the bar of the future

Students from Aarhus University have come up with a new beer app that could eliminate long lines at the pub.

Danes may have invented the bar of the future
The app could be good news for drinkers, but not so much for bartenders. Photo: Colourbox
Danish university students may have developed the solution to every beer drinker's worst nightmare: a long queue at the bar blocking you from your next pint of brewed treasure.
A group of students came up with an idea that would let bar patrons order and pay for a beer with their smartphone, while on the other end a tablet hooked up to the tap will pour the exact type and amount of beer ordered. No bartender required.
Christian Dannesboe, the professor at Aarhus University behind the idea, told The Local that a group of students came up with their idea as a work-around after their application for a student bar was denied.
“We did it because we couldn’t have a bar at the campus so we managed to get this automatic beer-tapping as a demonstration, without breaking any rules,” Dannesboe said, explaining that without a bartender involved their set-up wouldn't technically be considered a bar. 
That idea has become the smartphone app 'GhostBar', allowing users to control beer taps themselves.
“With the GhostBar app, you could buy a small volume to decide whether or not you want to order a particular beer. You only pay for the amount of beer you choose, so you can explore different beers without committing to a whole one,” he said. 
For now, GhostBar is still just a university project, but it already has garnered the attention of beer companies and drinking establishments.
“It’s great for people to taste stronger beers, enjoy sips from different ones and still be able to drive home,” Dannesboe explained. “Besides that, you only pay for the quantity you're drinking.”
Dannesboe's team is still testing their idea and considering the best options for launching it commercially.
“We didn’t initially think of it as a business idea, but maybe in a couple of months people could start buying their beers in a whole different way,” he said. 
In addition to the GhostBar, the team of beer lovers is also working on other projects.
“We are working on beer bags, instead of casks, in an attempt to think about how to maintain the beer in the best condition for a longer period,” Dannesboe said.

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