Copenhagen to reach 600 EV charging stations

Energy giant E.ON will be installing an additional 100 electric vehicle charging stations in Copenhagen, making the capitol one of the world's best cities for electric cars.

Copenhagen to reach 600 EV charging stations
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The energy supplier E.ON recently announced that it will have reached a number of 600 electric car charging stations in Copenhagen by September 1st this year, distributed across 125 different locations.

While the company already has some 500 charging stations across Copenhagen, it will be adding an additional 100 in August to keep up with what E.ON sees as a rising demand for the environmentally friendly vehicles.

In comparison however, there are only 1000 charging stations scattered throughout the rest of Denmark, meaning that over a third of all the country's charging stations will be concentrated in and around Copenhagen. .

“We have a clear target to become a carbon-neutral capitol within 10 years, and green transportation plays a crucial role in this. We are therefore thrilled that it life will now be easier for electric car owners and that they will be powered by sustainable energy,” Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen said in a press release.

E.ON communications director Susanne Tolstrup explained that the sudden leap in installations was because the company foresees that Danes will become increasingly enthusiastic about switching to electric cars.

“We have no doubt that more and more people will choose the electric car due to both the driving experience as well as the environmental benefits, not least in urban areas,” she explained in the press release.

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“That’s why it’s important to have a solid and closely-knit charging network that increases mobility and security among electric car owners – not least for those who live or work in the city,” Tolstrup added.

Lærke Flader from the Danish Electric Car Alliance welcomed the news.

“It means a lot. It contributes to making electric cars more visible. It also allows more urban dwellers to get an electric car. People who do not have their own home electric vehicle charger plug can recharge their car’s batteries at these stations that E.ON is installing,” she told Ritzau.

However, Flader also noted that while a good network of charging stations would help encourage more Danes to buy electric vehicles, the government also needs to create more financial incentives to get people to make the switch.

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