Roskilde Festival fans to drink their own pee

Denmark's largest music festival plans to take its focus on sustainability to the next level by 'beercycling' its guests' urine.

Roskilde Festival fans to drink their own pee
Pee this year, drink it again in 2017. Photo: Christian Hjorth/Roskilde Festival
Next to the music, the two things most associated with the Roskilde Festival are probably beer and urine. Endless gallons of the former are consumed and then rivers of the latter are released upon the festival grounds. 
Roskilde Dagbladet reported on Wednesday that the natural order of things will soon be reversed and festival guests will drink their own pee. 
That sounds a bit gross, so perhaps an explanation is in order. 
The Roskilde Festival and the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (Landbrug & Fødevarer) are teaming up for a ‘beercycling’ project known as ‘From piss to pilsner.’ 
The idea is that when festival guests pee in the open at this year’s Roskilde Festival – and they will, a lot – it will be collected and used as fertilizer for malting barley in a field south of Copenhagen which will then be brewed into beer and served to guests at the 2017 festival.
“This is about changing our approach to ‘waste’. The massive amounts of festival urine is today a burden, first on the environment and secondly on the sewer system and treatment plant in Roskilde. With this project we will turn those many litres into a resource,” Leif Nielsen, a spokesman for the Agriculture and Food Council, told Roskilde Dagbladet. 
How many litres are we talking about? According to the plan, somewhere between 100,000 and 250,000 litres of pee will be collected.
The beercycling project is the latest in a line of initiatives the Roskilde Festival has carried out in an effort to make the event as sustainable as possible. Last year, organizers saved over 27 tonnes of food that was otherwise destined for the rubbish bin and turned it into meals for area asylum centres, shelters and hostels. The Roskilde Festival also has a stated goal to have 90 percent of all festival food be organic by 2017. 
Even if guests are squeamish about drinking beer brewed with urine, most festival-goers would probably agree that having up to 250,000 fewer litres of pee at the festival – which is infamous for creating a ‘pee dust’ and a nasty stench – is something to look forward to. 
The Roskilde Festival begins on June 27, with the main line-up of music beginning on July 1. The Local will be on hand to cover the event and perhaps contribute our small part to the future beer. 

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Roskilde Festival reveals first names for 2016

Denmark's largest festival gives fans a little teaser with the first ten names added to next year's line-up.

Roskilde Festival reveals first names for 2016
Photo: Vegard Kristensen/Roskilde Festival
With the weather having made a turn for the colder and daylight hours steadily dwindling, there’s no better time to start thinking ahead to next summer’s festival season. 
Roskilde Festival, the largest music festival in Denmark, announced the first ten acts for its 2016 edition on Thursday.
Headlining the announcement were Canadian ‘slacker rocker’ Mac DeMarco, New York rapper Action Bronson and Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett. 
The festival, which is gearing up for its 46th year, will have a total of 175 acts so the first batch represents only about five percent of the performers music fans can see between June 25th and July 2nd. 
“The festival is roughly nine months away, but we’re already busy putting together a line-up that’s both stylistically diverse and relevant. These qualities are very important to us and reflected by our announcements today that represent metal, rap, country, pop and much more,” the festival’s head of programme, Anders Wahrén, said. 
The Roskilde Festival attracts around 100,000 music fans each year. The non-profit festival is primarily driven by volunteers and donates its proceeds to worthy causes. The 2015 edition was fully sold-out and tickets for next year’s festival will go on sale next month. 
Organizers are currently soliciting fan requests for who should play in 2016. 
“This October we invite our audience to send us their music wishes, which we will collect and use as both inspiration and knowhow in the booking process over the course of the next year,” Wahrén said. 
Although an October line-up announcement may seem early, it actually comes later than Roskilde’s first announcement last year and more than a week after the heavy metal festival Copenhell triumphed its major booking of the legendary Black Sabbath for its 2016 edition. That concert will be Black Sabbath's last ever show in Denmark.
The ten acts introduced for the 2016 Roskilde Festival on Thursday were:
Action Bronson (US)
Mac Demarco (CA)
Courtney Barnett (AU)
Cattle Decapitation (US)
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld (CA)
Ho99o9 (US)
Kuedo (DE)
Qwanqwa (ET)
Sleaford Mods (UK)
Sturgill Simpson (US)