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‘I think the Danish minister was drunk’

‘I think the Danish minister was drunk’
Mogens Jensen. Photo: Mick Anderson/Scanpix
Trade and Development Minister enlisted some international friends for what is being called the best election video of the campaign thus far. See it here.
As Denmark’s trade and development minister, Mogens Jensen has certainly racked up his fair share of frequent flyer miles. 
In a new campaign video, Jensen tries to play off of that global experience by showing clips of him expounding on the virtues of Denmark to his many international acquaintances. 
See it here (story continues below):

“I met the Danish minister and I think he was a little drunk. He says Apple is based in Viborg. Are you serious? Viborg?” an unidentified man says in the video. 
“This Minister Jensen, he knows nothing. He says [Danish high-end electronics company] B&O is in Struer. Everyone knows it’s in Tokyo!” the same man says later. 
Another man, dressed in a keffiyeh and described by Jensen as an “oil sheik”, says in Arabic that he tried to get Jensen to invest in his country but “he just said Viborg”. 
“He talked about it again and again,” the man said. 
Later, Jensen is shown trying to teach the same man how to correctly pronounce the Danish town of Ringkøbing. 
The clip ends with on-screen text declaring Jensen “West Jutland's man in Copenhagen (and the rest of the world).” 
The video was garnering praise on Monday, with several Danish political watchers calling it the best political ad of the campaign thus far. 

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