Man found dead in pit may have had drug debt

Man found dead in pit may have had drug debt
Police said the man was shot before being thrown into the pit. Photo: Lind Foto/Scanpix
The man who was found lying in a shallow waterhole with his hands and feet bound may have been killed over a drug debt, court documents reveal.
Court documents obtained by TV2 News suggest that the young man whose body was found in a marl pit in southern Zealand may have been killed over a debt related to a large cannabis deal. 
The victim, 34-year-old Jonathan Holst Nielsen, was sentenced to five months in prison in September 2014 for possession of 4.7 kilos of cannabis. According to TV2, court documents show that Nielsen claimed to have purchased the cannabis in Christiania and was due to deliver it to an unknown person at a roadside rest stop. 
But when Nielsen was stopped by police, he was unable to deliver the goods as promised and thus missed out on an estimated minimum of 250,000 kroner that he may have owed to the cannabis dealer. 
Nielsen appealed against his five-month prison sentence and while waiting for his case to reach the high court, he went missing.  
No one hear from him until his body was discovered last week. Police said that Nielsen was shot before being thrown into the pit.  
In a letter provided to TV2, family members wrote that Nielsen “was a good boy” who may have been led astray. 
“We have a feeling that Jonathan, towards the end of his life, felt that he was forced to do things (for others) he should have never done, and which he refused to talk about to his family,” the letter reads. 
South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police are continuing to investigate the case as a murder.