VIDEO: ‘Epic Danish bus’ gets back on the road

Danish bus company Midttrafik really wants to riding the bus cool, as evidenced by their successful 2012 viral hit. Now they're back with another 'epic' – and possibly sexist – ad. See it here.

VIDEO: 'Epic Danish bus' gets back on the road
The "cool" bus customer chooses between one of two "epic" bus routes. Screenshot: YouTube/Midttrafik
It’s back! Arguably the most exciting bus ride since the 1994 Keanu Reeves film Speed, Danish bus company Midttrafik’s 2012 commercial ‘The Bus’ went certifiably viral in 2012, winning advertising accolades and making public transport look cool. 
The original commercial, which hyped Midttrafik buses’ “free handles” and “own lane”, received millions of YouTube views and was called “the most epic bus ad ever” by Adweek. 
Now the company is back with a sequel that is once again quickly racking up hits and international attention. 
“The wheels on the epic Danish bus are going round and round once again. The challenge this time was: How do you improve on an award winning hit? You just do. By placing the emphasis of the commercial on the bus passenger rather than the bus itself a whole new world of possibilities for hilarity and coolness opened up,” M2Film writes. 
Adweek was once again won over. 
"The ridiculous tone and goofy humour give the spot a distinct charm and makes the ad memorable, no small feet for a busline," Adweek writes
The sequel focuses on the “cool” bus customer who sports a “New York style haircut from Salon Mogens” and has a jacket that even has a zipper. Young women throw their panties at him at work (because he rides the bus, naturally) but he’s too busy feeding his Paraguayan beauty queen girlfriend an open-faced sandwich with leverpostej and saltkød to notice. 
The US news site Vox wrote that scenes like that left it unsure about “the ratio of sexism to parody-sexism… but the champagne molotov cocktail is definitely cool”. 
Indeed it is. Below is the newly-released sequel and if you missed it the first time around, you can catch the original below that. 

2012's 'The Bus' ad with English subtitles:

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Denmark signals billion-kroner spending on new electric trains

Danish state-owned rail operator DSB is to purchase 100 electric trains at a cost of around 20 billion kroner, including maintenance costs.

Denmark signals billion-kroner spending on new electric trains
File photo: Martin Sylvest/Ritzau Scanpix

French company Alstom has won the contract to supply the trains to Denmark, DSB and transport minister Benny Engelbrecht said at a briefing on Monday.

The contract includes the option to purchase over the initial agreement for 100 trains. DSB said it expected to eventually receive 150 locomotives.

The electric trains are expected to begin operating on Denmark’s railways from 2024.

The deal comes as a result of a 2018 political which secured the replacement of the older IC4 trains, which have been the cause of a number of technical challenges during their time in service for DSB.

Ole Birk Olesen, the former transport minister who was in the post when the 2018 deal was agreed, said he does not expect such challenges with the new trains.

“Two things will make sure we avoid problems. The people who are supplying the trains are also responsible for maintenance,” Olesen said.

“That bill will not end up in the hands of Danish taxpayers. The other thing is that these are trains which already run in Europe and which have proved to be stable,” he added.

DSB has confirmed that two new maintenance centres will be built for servicing and repairing the new trains. The two workshops will be located in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Engelbrecht noted at the briefing that the trains, which are of the type Coradia Stream, accelerate faster and have a higher top speed than the IC4 machines.

The top speed of the Coradia Stream is 200 kilometres per hour.

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