Dane calls cops over aggressive swans

Two young swans are on a rampage in a northern Zealand town... or something like that.

Dane calls cops over aggressive swans
Sorry, but police say that if you run into one of these frightening beasts you're on your own. Photo: Colourbox
We reported on Monday that Denmark’s crime levels were ‘remarkably low’ last year, but apparently they are now so low that the biggest concern of residents in at least one Danish town is aggressive swans. Yes, swans. 
Local news site reported on Wednesday that a resident of the northern Zealand town of Hillerød called police to report a pair of aggressive swans in the town’s shopping street Slotsgade. 
The caller was concerned that the swans had become confused and could begin striking out. 
Despite what this iconic tourism poster from 1953 might lead one to believe, Danish police do not in reality drop everything to deal with waterfowl:
Wonderful Copenhagen by Viggo Vagnby
Wonderful Copenhagen by Viggo Vagnby
“We’re not going to do anything. We anticipate that nature will work its magic and the young swans will find their way back to their nature element,” North Zealand Police spokesman Christian Have told SN.
SN has video of the terrifying swans. See it here, if you dare:

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