Grandfather admits to fatal CPH shooting

"I should have brought more bullets," the 67-year-old grandfather involved in Tuesday’s fatal shooting was heard saying on a dictaphone he used to record the entire violent incident.

Grandfather admits to fatal CPH shooting
Tuesday's shooting left one dead and one seriously injured. Photo: Jens Astrup/Scanpix
Speaking through his lawyer, a 67-year-old grandfather admitted to the shooting and killing of lawyer Anders Lindholt as well as the attempted murder of his former son-in-law. 
According to TV2 News, the man told police that he planned to kill both men before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. He couldn't carry out his plan when he used more bullets than planned and didn’t have any left for himself.
He explained his actions to police by saying that he felt Lindholt was lying in the visitation rights case between the gunman's daughter and her former partner.
He told police that he planned his actions on Monday and sawed off the end of his rifle in his workshop. The man has a valid weapons permit for the rifle, police said. 
At his Wednesday court appearance, the man – whose name the media is banned from publishing – said he was not in condition to speak on his own behalf. 
“I don’t feel able to say anything sufficient. I was questioned for seven hours yesterday. I received some coffee and cake yesterday, and I normally get medicine for migraines in the morning, but I haven’t had that,” he said in court according to TV2
Jyllands-Posten reports that the man recorded Tuesday’s violent episode on a hidden dictaphone in order to document it for his daughter. 
The newspaper reports that the tape's contents were read aloud in court and that the defendant could be heard saying: “Damn it, I should have brought more bullets.”
Lindholt, 57, was killed on the spot in Tuesday’s shooting while the 31-year-old father in the visitations rights case was seriously injured and remains in Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet. 
In light of Tuesday’s shooting, Justice Minister Karen Hækkerup said she would consider increasing security in Danish courtrooms if she receives an official request from the Danish Court Administration (Domstolsstyrelsen). 

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Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

A 31-year-old female domestic helper is suspected of having stolen cash and jewellery from elderly citizens and withdrawn money from their Dankorts in the amount of over 50,000 kroner.

Domestic helper suspected of stealing valuables and cash from older adults in Copenhagen

The woman was arrested on Saturday and charged with theft and information fraud. There are ten victims in the case.

The police suspect the woman of having stolen from citizens whose homes she has visited as part of her work as a domestic worker in various places in Copenhagen.

“She has worked as a domestic helper and has been in people’s homes as an employee,” Bjarke Dalsgaard, deputy police inspector at Copenhagen police, said.

According to the police, the woman has stolen jewellery and cash on ten occasions. In addition, she has stolen debit cards in four cases and withdrawn money using them. The money that has been withdrawn alone adds up to a value of 52,000 kroner.

Copenhagen police received the first report of theft in the case at the beginning of 2022.

According to the police, the 31-year-old domestic helper admitted to one instance of crime (the theft of around 400 kroner) but pleaded not guilty regarding the remaining 13.