Denmark’s swingers clubs are on an upswing

After years in decline, sex clubs are making a comeback. The increasing number of people paying to visit swingers club is not only good news for the sexually adventurous, but also for the economy.

Denmark's swingers clubs are on an upswing
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There is yet another sign that Denmark is on its way out of the financial crisis. But this one has nothing to do with the latest unemployment figures – Statistics Denmark announced on Thursday that those remained unchanged from May to June – but rather with sex. 
The number of swingers clubs in Denmark is on the rebound, Danmarks Radio reported on Friday. 
Before the dawn of the financial crisis, there were 14 swingers clubs nationwide, but that number was halved to seven as hard-pressed Danes apparently found better things to spend their money on than membership to clubs allowing them to swap sexual partners. 
Now however, two new swingers clubs have recently opened their doors, and the head of the confederation of swingers clubs (yes, apparently that is really a thing) says more might be on the way. 
“I think that people who are considering opening swingers clubs are now willing to take the chance. They can sense that the swinger environment is on the upswing. People have more money to spend,” Jesper Christensen told DR. 
One person who recently took the chance was Trine Kragh, who opened the sex club Swingergaarden in Søro earlier this year. 
“I was driven by the chance to be an entrepreneur. I’m educated as a lawyer and economist, so it wasn’t exactly a straight line to becoming a swinger madame,” she told DR. 
One of her employees, ‘Mr Magic’, took DR on a tour of Swingergaarden. 
“Here is the banquet hall, where we made a glory hole wall and a gangbang bed,” he said. 
Visits to the glory hole wall are among one of the first things that gets dropped under tough financial times, Christensen said. 
“Going to a swingers club is a luxury activity for many couples and singles. It’s something people do when they have the excess money for it,” Christensen, who runs the website, told DR. 
According to new swingers club owner Kragh, that excess is on its way back.
“The interest has been growing, and it has been growing in a constant, even line,” she said. 

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