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Ten things Google wants to tell you about Denmark

Ten things Google wants to tell you about Denmark
Why does Google have to say about the Danes' happiness, Kim Bodina's ability to understand Swedish and Denmark? Photos: Colourbox, DR
Google's search engines have a habit of trying to finish your sentences, but what do their suggestions have to say about Denmark and the Danes? We've collected some of our favourites.

In an attempt to spare the world the excruciating effort of finishing a thought, Google ever so generously offers several possible endings to nearly any search term.

Simply type in the word ‘why’, and Google will immediately suggest ‘… Chinese mothers are superior’, ‘…is the sky blue’ and ‘…do cats purr’ in an attempt to help you delve into life’s great mysteries. 

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The search giant is no different when it comes to helping the world learn about Denmark and the Danes. For instance, type in ‘How do Danes’ and Google will offer up ‘pronounce Copenhagen’, ‘celebrate Christmas’ and ‘feel about Beowulf’. Type in ‘Why do Danes’, and the top suggestion given is ‘…hate Swedes’. It’s quite entertaining really.

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