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LOST..after 20 years in Denmark..!

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Date added: 18 Feb 2019

So...here I am...after 20 years in Denmark....trying for over 5 years, to return.
IT has been pure hell...! and VERY costly...but still fighting..!
I am a Canadian, who ended up divorced from a Danish woman after 19 years.
I ended up married to a Latvian, whose college has had a co-operation with D.K. for 30 years.
I speak Dansk
My 3 adult sons are Danes, also my wifes grandson.
In 97 when I was self employed as a courier driver, I was in a near-fatal auto accident, that was NOT my fault, but ruined my whole life. I still have some problems , but worked very hard to get back to normal. But, because of my head injury, I did not understand that if I left Denmark, I could NOT get back in...something we had ALWAYS planned on..! I am highly skilled in many skilled trades. I worked as a welder-fitter in the stainless steel field in D.K. for 15 years....but also among other skilled fields I have built American hot rods and classics for 45 years.
I would have changed for Danish citizenship, if I had known the rules..!!!! BUT.. the biggest fault is, that they put you ALL in the same box...!!!!...with ZERO tolerance or understanding..!!! My past history means NOTHING...and I am thrown in with REFUGEES...!!!
HAS LOGIC totally disappeared in D.K. ???
Even though my wife is an EU citizen, I hope to find a firm that offer give me a contract, so I can try to get in the system, once again. My family is totally shocked over what I have been through. I understand, that Denmark is NOT the utopia is was once revered as..!!!
I am willing to work towards my goal...but, feel screwed before I can get out of the gate..!!!
ANY ..advice or comment, would be greatly appreciated..!!

Email: hotrodderken@gmail.com