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ARTNSIPS art events at local bars, café's and museums

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Date added: 02 Jan 2019

January 2, 2019, Copenhagen--Press Release

ARTNSIPS art events at bars, café's and museums are taking over the capital, providing jobs for local artists and offering the community a creative environment.

ARTNSIPS pop-up art events at local bars, cafés and museums around Copenhagen are getting more and more attention by the local community. What better way to spend a weeknight then to enjoy the company of old and new friends, sip on your favourite cocktail and explore and unleash your creative side.

ARTNSIPS art events include Painting events and Croquis events, paired with drinks and lots of laughter and hygge. ARTNSIPS events can be experienced all over the city at various bars, cafe's and museums once-twice a week all year round.
ARTNSIPS currently runs approximately 5 events a month in Copenhagen and Roskilde and is steadily growing. Instructions are provided by ARTNSIPS professional artists, all supplies and the first drink are included, and you just show up and enjoy the fun experience. Events are also hosted privately for groups (birthday parties, bachelorette parties) and local business (team buildings, corporate gatherings, networking events, fundraisers). ARTNSIPS has hosted private events for a number of corporates in Copenhagen including Deloitte and Boston Consulting Group.
Not only do these events promote a creative environment for the guest, but ARTNSIPS provides jobs for local artists. It is a win-win situation for all. In the new year we plan to introduce the success throughout Denmark, other Nordic countries and the European continent. There is no stopping ARTNSIPS!!!
When you go to artnsips.com, you can select a date and time you would like to paint or draw. The prospective guest will see additional event information and will be able to book tickets for his selected event.

ARTNSIPS is an events company based in Copenhagen bringing people together while experiencing new forms of art and spirits. Our rapidly growing and increasingly loyal customer base comes to our events to explore something new, ready to socialize and create fun memories and art work that they take home at the end of the night that we helped them create.
Naamah Bierlich, a Dane who has been living internationally all her life, founded ARTNSIPS in 2016 on a flight back from the US Virgin Island, the former Danish West Indies, and has been running ARTNSIPS ever since. Starting from one event every two months to 5-7 events a month, Naamah says “It is an incredible journey and its amazing to be able to contract artists, work with local venues as well as making art accessible to everyone and providing inspiration and creativity for people. Art is for everyone and should be celebrated and enjoyed all year round”.

ARTNSIPS currently hosts events in Copenhagen and Roskilde. It is in the midst of expanding into new cities in Denmark and other Nordic countries. Of late, we have also hosted an event for the well known Soho House in Berlin and plan to expand further in that direction, and on the continent, such as London and Amsterdam.

Email: info@artnsips.com