Six terrible AI-generated jokes about Danish things

Michael Barrett
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Six terrible AI-generated jokes about Danish things
A model takes a selfie an AI-themed fashion show in Hong Kong. The ChatGPT tool can write such impressive paragraphs of human-like text that schools in New York have started blocking it. We used it to tell jokes instead. Photo: Tyrone Siu/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Artificial Intelligence programmes such as ChatGPT have made headlines worldwide for writing scarily accurate essays, poems, and even newspaper articles. We decided to ask ChatGPT to tell us some jokes about Danish things, and here's what happened.


How does this work?

We’re using ChatGPT, an open-source AI model designed for dialogue. Essentially, you type in a question and it generates a response. After testing its article-writing skills (which in some cases were pretty good, in others… not so much), we decided to test how good it was at telling jokes.


Spoiler alert: it wasn't entirely fruitful.

First off, I asked the AI to “tell me a joke about Copenhagen”.

That was a decent opening effort in my book, although I’m an unashamed fan of dad jokes. I gave it another chance.

This one was well wide of the mark. Denmark hasn’t had a king since 1972. I pulled up the AI on this and it skirted the issue.

I took the AI’s cue for the next one and asked it for a joke about the Queen, but its sense of humour seemed to have deserted it.

ChatGPT probably has a point here, though. The conversation was getting a bit royal-heavy, so I went for a different tactic, asking it to “tell us a joke about rye bread”.

This was just about passable I think, but didn’t really raise a laugh. Next up: a real challenge.

This won me over. Although it technically isn’t a joke, the AI just beautifully skewered the most worn-out Danish cliché of all time.

I told it as much and then asked it it to “tell me a joke about the Danish weather”…

Oh dear. Make of this what you will but my take is that it’s not a very funny subject.

I had to start a new chat because of the error and by this point, I was getting a bit tired of the traditional joke format. So I asked it to write a standup comedy routine about Danish politics.

There was no dice here, so I changed tack and asked for a sitcom scene set in a Danish bakery. Here’s a section of the scene:

I like the choice of names but as you can see, the punchlines are scant and I received a ticking off at the end for having requested jokes about politics before.

I concluded the AI’s sense of humour is not easy to “get”, which gives it something in common with Danish humour at least. To finish off, I asked for a haiku about Jutland and received this in reward.

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Anonymous 2023/01/12 19:50
I started to install this. The Terms and conditions seems far more onerous than even social media apps. Of course, I could be incorrect but it seems you must give them permission to copy everything on your computer or on any website you access. So, you are giving them all your banking, tax and personal information. I closed the app and walked away.

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