Danish support not moved by new Russian attacks on Ukraine

An escalation of the war in Ukraine does not move the needle on Denmark’s support for Kyiv, Defence Minister Morten Bødskov said on Tuesday.

Danish support not moved by new Russian attacks on Ukraine
Danish defence minister Morten Bødskov said the country will continue to support Ukraine after Kyiv and other cities were bombarded by Russian missiles on Monday. Photo: Claus Bech/Ritzau Scanpix

Denmark will continue to back Ukraine for as long as it is needed to, Defence Minister Morten Bødskov said on Tuesday.

“Denmark supports Ukraine. We play a central role in supporting Ukraine and we intend to continue to do so for as long as the Ukrainians want our support,” Bødskov said in comments to broadcaster DR.

Russian forces launch a barrage of fatal missile bombardments across Ukraine on Monday as President Vladimir Putin threatened more attacks.

Weapon donations from Denmark to Ukraine will therefore continue, Bødskov said.

“This has only one effect and that is for the West to stand together more strongly and that the donation of weapons for Ukraine’s fight for freedom are increased day by day. That’s the message Putin gets every time he escalates the conflict,” he said.

Ongoing weapons support for Ukraine is scheduled to be discussed by EU countries in Brussels on Wednesday.

After the bridge linking occupied Crimea with Russia was damaged by an explosion on Sunday, Putin accused Ukraine of carrying out a “terror attack”. No one has claimed official responsibility for the explosion.

The missile attacks on Ukrainian cities on Monday resulted in around 19 deaths according to Ukrainian authorities.

Escalation of the conflict does not change Denmark’s position on when Ukraine should agree to peace talks, Bødskov also said.

“War is violent and brutal and that’s why we want peace. But right now there’s a fight for Ukraine to be a free country again. It’s Ukraine that decides when they think it’s time to begin discussions about peace,” he said.

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Denmark to send decommissioned tanks to Ukraine

Denmark is to send Leopard 1A5 tanks which it had taken out of service to Ukraine, as part of donations to be made by several countries.

Denmark to send decommissioned tanks to Ukraine

Tanks previously used by the Danish military are to be prepared and sent to Ukraine, broadcaster DR reported on Tuesday.

No specific number for the total number of tanks has been confirmed and the participating countries not specified.

But a three-figure number of older models could be donated once contributions from all countries are added up, according to the report.

A newer version of the tank, the Leopard 2 model, is currently used by the Danish military.

Denmark’s old Leopard 1A5 tanks were sold in 2010 to company FFG in northern German town Flensburg, where they are still located, DR reports.

The tanks are expected to be sent to Ukraine in the coming months.

Media in Denmark including broadcaster TV2 last week reported that 99 Danish Leopard tanks could be sent to Ukraine.

The Danish tanks were originally used during the war in the Balkans in 1994.

A director with the German company told TV2 that there had been contact with the Danish government over the tanks.

“I wouldn’t call it negotiations but we have spoken about the tanks and what we can do,” the sales director, Thorsten Peter, said.

The tanks are not currently ready for active duty and must undergo work before being used, according to Peter.