Danish high schools to offer enrolment exam two weeks after term starts

Danish upper secondary schools – commonly referred to as ‘gymnasium’ – are to introduce new admission tests allowing new students to enrol after the start of term.

Danish high schools to offer enrolment exam two weeks after term starts
Danish upper secondary schools (gymnasier) are to offer new admission exams after the start of term. File photo: Niels Christian Vilmann/Ritzau Scanpix

An extra admission test for young people who want to attend gymnasier – upper secondary schools, attended by young people aged 16-19 – will be offered two weeks after the normal start of term, Denmark’s ministry for education said in a press statement on Thursday.

The idea is aimed at applicants who begin a different education course but quickly regret their choice and decide instead to apply for gymnasium, which is the most straightforward path to university.

The new tests will be available from the current academic year onwards, meaning students about to begin the new school term will be able to fall back on it should they decide to.

The extra admission tests will take place on August 25th, the education ministry said.

“The introduction of the extra admission test should be seen in light of the fact that the last exams under the current system take place before the start of the school term. It was therefore necessary last year to conduct extraordinary admissions tests after the start of term,” the ministry said.

The new system removes the need for “extraordinary” exams with a set late exam already placed in the schedule, the ministry added.

All students who apply to an upper secondary school after the start of term will be required to pass the test to be enrolled.

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Denmark to reduce school class sizes for small children

The Danish parliament has voted in favour of reducing the maximum class size for the youngest age groups at elementary schools.

Denmark to reduce school class sizes for small children

New classes in grades “0” to 2 (aged 6-8 years) at Denmark’s elementary schools (folkeskoler) will be limited to a maximum of 26 children from next year.

The current limit is 28 students.

The lower limit has been brought in partly to help children with special needs, Minister for Children and Education Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil told broadcaster DR.

“This will naturally help all children and it will naturally also benefit all children with special needs in particular,” Rosenkrantz-Theil said.

“Those who find it difficult to be included in large parts of elementary school” would benefit most from the change, she said.

Despite the new limit having been adopted by parliament, a maximum of 26 children in a class is not completely guaranteed.

That is because special circumstances can allow exemptions to the rule to be applied, permitting classes of up to – but no more than – 28 children.

The rule change takes effect at the beginning of the next school year.

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