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Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Friday

A Danish initiative to help Ukraine store its cultural heritage and the weather forecast for the long Easter weekend are among the main stories from Denmark on Good Friday. God påske allesammen!

Sunshine in Hammer Bakker, Aalborg,
Sunshine in Hammer Bakker, Aalborg, Photo: Henning Bagger/Ritzau Scanpix

Danish initiative helps Ukraine store their cultural heritage 

A Danish initiative called ‘Backup Ukraine’ has been launched to help Ukrainians scan and store parts of their cultural heritage at risk of being destroyed during the war, according to Politiken.

Newsire Ritzau reports that using an app, the phone’s camera can take pictures and film an object, and then artificial intelligence uses both images and GPS data to create a digital three-dimensional copy within 5 to 10 minutes.

The initiative aims to give all Ukrainians free access to make three-dimensional copies of statues, monuments, museum objects and other important parts of their cultural heritage.

Until now, the technology has been reserved for large companies with special equipment, but as part of the initiative, all Ukrainians will have free access to make the digital copies.

The aim is for volunteers to move to areas where there is no direct conflict to scan the cultural landmarks. The digital copies end up in an online archive, where they can be downloaded and recreated in the future if needed.

Weather: The sun will appear for the long Easter weekend

Good Friday starts as a cloudy one but most people will get to enjoy some Easter sun later in the day.

According to DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute) there is a blanket of haze and fog over most of the country but it will slowly clear up in the afternoon and most people will be able to enjoy the sunshine. 

The temperature will vary between 7 and 11 degrees Celsius and will feel a little cooler along the coast.

On Saturday, Easter Sunday and Monday, it will be dry and sunny. On Saturday temperatures will range between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius.

The best weather, according to DMI’s Anna Christiansson, will be on Sunday when temperatures will reach 15 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country.

“It’s on Sunday where we get a lot of sun. You have to stay away from the coastal areas, but a little further inland we can get up to 15 degrees”, she says.

The nights will however still be cold with some areas getting frost.

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Covid-19: 2,257 new cases on Thursday

Official data shows that 2,259 new cases of Covid-19 were registered yesterday, marginally higher than the 2, 257 cases registered on Wednesday.

Fewer PCR tests were administered compared to the preceding 24 hours, however. The positive cases were found among 14, 862 PRC tests. 

Testing levels are now a fraction of those seen earlier in the pandemic, while daily case numbers peaked in February when up to 55,000 new cases were registered on a number of days.

786 people with Covid-19 are currently admitted to hospitals in Denmark. This total is on a downward trend, having reached over 1,500 in early March.

A large proportion of the patients are not receiving treatment for the coronavirus and are in hospital for other reasons.

15 people with Covid-19 are currently in ICU care and 7 are receiving ventilator treatment.

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Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Friday

The need for foreign workers, an encouraging Covid snapshot, and incorrigible football fans are among the top news stories in Denmark on Friday.

Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Friday

Labour crisis: ‘we will need many more foreigners’ 

Unmet demand for labour in both private businesses and the public sector has reached a crisis point, according to an appeal to the government to reach a broader labour agreement. 

The municipalities will need 44,000 additional employees by 2030, the National Association of Municipalities says. Meanwhile, Danish businesses could hire 38,000 new workers immediately, according to the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri), which represents the interests of about 19,000 Danish companies. 

Lars Sandahl Sørensen, managing director of DI, firmly believes the answer to the labour shortage lies outside Danish borders. 

“We will need many more foreigners,” Sørensen told Finans. “It is not about getting cheap labour, but about getting people at all. We are in a situation where we do not have employees to carry out the things on green change that we have already decided and that we would like on health and welfare.” 

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Encouraging Covid snapshot

The latest report from the State’s Serum Institute, the Danish infectious disease agency, says declining viral loads in the wastewater system suggest there’s a lower burden of infection in the country. 

Confirmed cases were down 19 percent between the week of July 11th to the week of July 18th, but since the number of PCR tests administered also decreased 15 percent that’s to be taken with a grain of salt. 

In the same period, new Covid hospital admissions fell nearly a quarter, with a significant decline in the elderly population. 

Omicron sub-variant BA.5 is still responsible for the lion’s share of Covid cases in Denmark, accounting for 92 percent of positive results in the week of July 18th. 

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Football fans send two to emergency room 

The double penalty zone authorities established around Brøndby stadium wasn’t enough to prevent more trips to the hospital. 

According to a press release from the Western Copenhagen Police, a group of Brøndby fans “stampeded” one of the stadium entrances prior to the club’s UEFA Conference League qualification match against Swiss side Basel last night. Three stadium stewards were injured, two of whom went to the emergency room. 

It’s unclear whether anyone has been charged in connection with the incident, but police are seeking additional information from anyone who may have witnessed the stampede at 7:12pm. 

Dreary weather to end summer holidays 

This weekend, the last holiday hurrah before many children return to school on Monday, won’t feel much like summer, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute. 

“There will be little or no sun and a few showers” with temperatures between 17 and 22 degrees says DMI meteorologist Mette Wagner. 

It’s a dramatic shift from Thursday, when the 30 degree weather was swept away by a strong rainstorm that dampened an Ed Sheeran concert in Copenhagen.