Airline Norwegian gets seven-fold increase in passengers over Christmas

The last month of 2021 saw low cost Scandinavian airline Norwegian significantly increase its number of passengers compared to the equivalent period in 2020.

The airline has struggled in recent years including before the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in it cutting long haul services and filing for bankruptcy protection in 2020.

But December 2021 saw 931,917 passengers travel with the company, more than seven times as many as in the same month in 2020.

International travel was generally more restricted by Covid-19 restrictions in December 2020 compared to 2021.

The company’s CEO Geir Karlsen praised the company’s planning and execution of operations over the Christmas 2021 period.

“Traffic over Christmas and New Year went as planned, which is something we know is very important for many of our passengers who travel during those days to see family and friends,” Karlsen said in a statement.

“In the Christmas and New Year weekends we planned for lower demand, meaning capacity usage for December was also good.

“At the same time, we naturally feel the effects of the Omicron variant and the new measures and restrictions at home and abroad,” the CEO also said.

The airline operates services from Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg airports in Denmark and from 17 different Norwegian airports.

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Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge to offer reduced tolls for commuters

A new discount system launched by the operators of Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge is designed to offer savings to people who live on one side of the bridge and work on the other.

Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge to offer reduced tolls for commuters

The Great Belt Bridge, a 7-kilometre, fixed-link bridge which connects the islands of Funen and Zealand, can cost up to 250 kroner for a single crossing in a normal passenger car.

Operator Sund & Bælt on Friday announced a new discount for commuters who cross the bridge 15 times or more in a month.

The deal could be particularly beneficial for people who live in Jutland or on Funen but travel regularly to Copenhagen for work.

The new discount system launches on May 1st, Sund & Bælt said in a press statement.

Specifically, private motorists who are registered to pay the toll fee via either the Bizz card or number plate recognition will automatically receive a discount if they cross the bridge more than 14 times within a calendar month.

This is because while the first 14 journeys across the bridge will cost the regular price, all subsequent journeys will cost 0 kroner until the 50th journey, when the price returns to normal. The number resets at the beginning of each month.

Provided payment is set up through one of the two methods mentioned above, bridge users do not need to register or pay anything in advance to benefit from the discount.

Customers who use the existing Storebælt Pendleraftale discount by planning their journeys to fit with the number of crossings provided by that deal could see a “small price increase” under the new system, Sund & Bælt said in the statement. Commuters unable to plan their journeys or who drive during weekends and evenings are likely to find the price drops slightly, it added.

Further information on the discount can be find on the Sund & Bælt website.

Earlier this week, the Øresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmø also announced a change to its pricing structure.