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The coronapas is set for a comeback at Denmark's restaurants, bars and at large events, two months after earlier rules were lifted.
The coronapas is set for a comeback at Denmark's restaurants, bars and at large events, two months after earlier rules were lifted. Photo: Signe Goldmann/Ritzau Scanpix
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Parliament committee likely to green light government call for coronapas

The government last night announced it wants to reintroduce rules requiring a valid coronapas (Covid-19 health pass) at bars, restaurants, nightclubs and large events, amid surging cases of the coronavirus in Denmark.

Covid-19 will again be classified as a critical threat to society, a status it had until September this year.

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Parliament’s epidemic committee is scheduled to meet this morning to discuss the issue. For the status of Covid-19 to be changed to critical, and for coronapas rules to be reimplemented, a majority in parliament must not oppose the change.

As such, the committee, which has representation from all of the parliamentary parties, has a key role in enabling the coronapas to be reinstated.

The government’s left wing allies – the Red Green Alliance, Social Liberal and Socialist People’s parties – confirmed late on Monday they backed the government’s intention to upgrade Covid-19 to “critical threat” status, meaning it will get the overall support of the committee barring unforeseen developments.

Majority support for the coronapas also looks a foregone conclusion, with the opposition Liberal (Venstre) party confirming to broadcaster DR it is in support of both decisions.

We’ll publish new articles with any developments on our website today.

Outdoor voting to be offered at local elections

Provisions to cast a ballot outdoors will be made available at next week’s municipal and regional elections for those who feel uncomfortable with doing so inside due to the current high incidence of Covid-19.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen confirmed at a press briefing on Monday that outdoors voting would be offered at poll stations across the country for the November 16th elections.

She also said poll stations would ensure adequate cleaning and that hand sanitizer was available.

“You are also welcome to bring a facemask and your own pen, if you are most comfortable with this,” Frederiksen said.

Over 400,000 foreign nationals, including non-EU citizens, are eligible to vote in the local elections.


Exports hit record level in September

Exports of goods and services from Denmark were at their highest ever level in September and 4.6 percent higher than in August, according to new Statistics Denmark figures.

The transport sector, in which Maersk is a huge contributor to Danish export revenues, played a large role in the growth, news wire Ritzau reports.

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  1. please let parliament vote for the return of the coronapas, i know of a few people who frequent my local bar that hav`nt been vaccinated. dont get me wrong, i do believe this is the choice of each individual but i think common sense prevails here. after all it is fact that the vaccination does slow down the spread of covid 19…..

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